Monday, January 4, 2010

Ma Vie En Jam-Jams

Happy 2010!

I officially dub this year, "The Year of the Slack" and thus far, I have been ROCKING it!

Yeah, yeah, I know we're only on day 3 or 4 ( <---- see! SLACKER! Sure, I could hunt down a calendar, but that would require getting up. Pshhhhh!), but so far I've spent most of it cozy and warm in my PJs! But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Let me rewind, back to a time in which I was showered AND dressed.

The good times started a day or so (it's a blur now) before New Years when I took Morgan to go get her hair did for the big night. She decided to have her hair dyed hot pink. And since we have no dance recitals, weddings, graduations or funerals planned in the next few months I figured 'what the heck'. She's totally rocking the pink! And if I hadn't taken a vow of slackerhood, I'd have a picture of the finished product. So you'll have to take my word that it's super cute.

Next, it was my turn in the stylist's chair. But by then, sadly, my attention span had split with my motivation and I gave the new hair dresser carte blanc to do whatever she wanted. Yeah, you know that was a mistake. The good news is she didn't go hot pink, the bad news is I should have said something like, "give me a soccer mom haircut and I'll cut a bitch."
Lesson learned.

The following day, Morgan and I met the Bev for lunch and a visit to the nail salon. How embarrassed was Bev when she didn't get my text that it was "National Dress Like a Terrorist Day"?! Unfortunately it was so cold in the nail salon that I couldn't bare to take off my jacket and show off the package of brats I had strapped to my chest to complete the look. Shame.

Sadly, the only one who took notice of all the electric wires attached to me we're the poor abused gold(???) fish. One of them played dead (French Gold Fish?) while the other seemed elated that his life in the nasty algae-ridden tank would soon come to an end.

Bev came up with the brilliant idea to make her annual New Year's soiree a pajama party. Genius! Bev and I have partied in the new year every year together for at least a decade. And as always, good times were plentiful. Here's a few pictures I may or may not remember taking.

Then we went home and remained in our PJs for the next 2 days.
And it was awesome.


Frank Irwin said...

In that first photo, are you using your right hand to say, "This is January ONE"?

Samsmama said...

Good call, Frank!

No need to apologize for your slackerish ways. I realized I'd hit rock bottom one day when I actually went to LoTD to find out what the date was.

Great pictures! Sorry about your hair. :( I had a similar experience once and I literally cried. Got a picture somewhere...

Happy New Year!

Mala said...

Frank - What? Oh! Whoops. Bad swear finger! Sorry, it's a natural reflex.

Samsmama - LMAO! Well LoTD is my go-to site for all my current news and events. Speaking of which... where the hell is Cary? What? He don't come around here no mo! Did I offend? *sniff, sniff* Did I take a shower today?
So where's this picture?

Coffeypot said...

I'm so old and lame, my New Years noise maker was a fart coming from the dark side.

Looks like y'all had fun, though.

The best of slack for you the rest of the year.

janiece said...

HA--I spent New Years with a bunch of sick kids--oh yeah I did get paid for it though.
Been there done that with the haircuts. A little gel or mousse and a hairdryer can save the day. And if worse comes to worse--there's the old ponytail to hide it. You have to take a picture of Morgan's hair! I have proof of Julia's lovely pink stripes ( and the resulting bleach streaks).

Hilary Marquis said...

I wanna come to a slumber party too!!!! I promise not to bring children carrying illness next time ;)

Mary said...

OMG! This looks EXACTLY like my NYE!
Well, the NYE I dreamed about b/c I was asleep loooonnngg before midnight.
Don;t be jealous :)

Lee said...

Love it, love you.

onebadmamajama said...

Good times! The baby girl's pink stripes are CUTE!

Bev said...

Good times, girlfriend!

Oh, and don't believe her - Mala's hair looks FABU! I like it!

Lori said...

Sheer brilliance--ring in the new year in pajamas...SO awesome! I may have to steal that idea for some day!!!

calicobebop said...

Year of the slack sounds good to me! I'm ready for a break! Now, it's time to put on the pj's and put my feet up. Ahhh...

PorkStar said...

My two favorite sexy ladies in PJs and without showering? OMFG that's a dream come true!

Mala said...

Coffey - thank you for the best wishes for continued slack. I'll try my best.

Janiece - I thought Julie's stripes were highlights. They look fabulous.

Hilary - Deal! Pack you jammies and get over here!

Mary - Ain't nuthin' wrong with that. I heart sleep.

Lee - Love you too! But next time your up north, you better come visit!

OBMJ - You can get away with that sort of thing when you're 7.

Bev - Good times indeed. Thanks for being the hostess with the mostest.

Lori - No need to steal... JOIN US!!!!!!

Calico - Yes, it sounds a lot better than the "year of crap" doesn't it? All hail 2010!

Porky - reallY? I mean...... really?

Cary said...

If it makes you feel any better, I suspect those fish were eaten before they could die. Dead fish make terrible sushi.

Mala said...

Cary - Let's hope they at least scrapped the algae off first. ACK!