Sunday, December 14, 2008

Little House on the Prairie (almost)

Ahhhhh, you gotta love old man winter! We had quite the ice storm here last Thursday night and power lines are down ALL OVER so we've been without electricity, phone, cable, INTERNET!!! for 3 days and probably won't have any of those luxury's until Wednesday at the earliest. Luckily we have a generator so we have lights, heat, DVD and running water. WE ARE VERY FORTUNATE. We've offered to take anyone in who is sick of living in the 19 century. I'm only able to post this because I'm at my Mother's house and she has somehow rigged up some juice (I think she has the kids running on some sort of huge hamster wheel that's powering the turbines) AND Internet. I can tell you, I'm going through major withdrawals!
Oh and my cell phone doesn't seem to work either. WTF.
Hopefully all the lines will be fixed soon, in which case I'll be glued to the Internet catching up on all the news and blog-stalking.


janiece said...

Oh I think that would just about put me over the edge! Not that I'm already teetering there.....
We're defrosting now (almost 50) and then a big old stream of artic air is moving in overnight to freeze us up again--thank goodness I don't have to go to work tomorrow and slip and slide the whole way. Why again do we live in cold climates?

garishar said...

Thank goodness you have heat and water. We were so worried about how you would be watering the horses without power for so long and I had visions of you melting buckets of snow on your woodstove. I'm sure it's miserable but glad to know it's not as bad as it would be without that generator!

Bev said...

You people with your generators - no complaining allowed! Just remember this simple formula:

no heat + no lights + no running water + barfing baby with diarrhea = a not so bevtastic 4 days.

LOL! Oh well... life seems to be getting back to normal, at least! Let's hope the winter only gets better, weather-wise. Heh.