Thursday, December 11, 2008

Messy Tooth Fairy!!

Last night Morgan was visited by the tooth Fairy. This is her 2nd chomper to dislodge, the first one of course happened while Beck and I were in CA so I missed the whole tooth fairy fun. Not this time.
I helped Morgan write a note to the tooth fairy and she was so excited to go to bed. Well sometime that night the tooth fairy visited and when Morgan awoke she found a lovely note from the little toothmonger and blue fairy dust EVERYWHERE! According to the note Ms T. Fairy has a bit of a cold and sneezed fairy dust all over Morgan (Morgan concurs that in the middle of the night she did recall some sort of pixie sneeze). I will say that wiley little winged thing went a bit overboard with the damn sparkles! (but hey it was dark and one couldn't be certain the stuff was coming out!). Anyway, it was in her hair, eyes, PJs, bedding and carpet... and has since found itself in every nook and cranny of my ENTIRE house! I'll be vacuuming it up for years! But I would never trade it for the greats memories!

My carpets will forever be embellished with blue glitter!

Morgan and I picked a bunch of pixie dust off her bed so she could take it to school to show the kids.


Bev said...

Dude! Tell that nasty-ass fairy to get a tissue next time. That's nast.

Seriously, though. How cute are you???!

Mom to 2 Angels said...

That is one messy tooth fairy! and creative momma :)

Jackie S said...

Oh, that is too creative and cute. Yayy, Morgan.

(thanks for the tag...soon, promise)

Hilary Marquis said...

Oh what fun! Not sure I want to sprinkle for 4 kids...I'm no fun!