Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pictures of the Ice Storm & Other Disasters

These monstrously tall pines bent almost to the point of snapping. Although they lost many branches we were lucky they stayed upright. The creaking and snapping (and crashing) sounds all night were eerie.

And although this damage was not ice storm related, the girls and I had some difficulty putting together this gingerbread, er, shack. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't pass building code.


Maria said...

If you watch Survivor, you could call this this "Sugar Shack". If you don't watch it, you think I'm crazy. Well, that's true, but nonetheless.... I'm sure it ate fine.

Tapsalteerie said...

We put together one of those Wilton kits this year. I got totally OCD and sanded the walls flat so they would actually fit together... embarassing to admit. Decorating wise, Sophie went for a more-is-better approach... the thing is a riot of candy and icing!

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