Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mala Needs...

Super chick Lori posted this entertaining little time waster on her blog and I thought I'd give it a try.

Here's what you do: You put your name and the word 'needs' in quotes in the google search box and see what pops up. I thought for sure there would be nada, but come on, this is the world wide web we're talkin' about. So here's what, according to Google, "Mala needs":

Mala needs no introduction - Why, thank you. Really. I'm blushing.
MALA needs what I need - Ummm, OK. As long as what you need isn't a good arse kickin'.
mala needs to be removed with sand paper - CRIPES! That hurts just thinking about it!
MALA Needs Referees - Yeah, I guess I would agree with that.
MALA needs lot owners to take care of any dead or damaged trees that could fall into road - Hell Yeah! Damn dead trees.
Mala needs to do a better job of providing better access to on-site management - O.K.
Mala needs a mention as Does Skull Disco and everything they release - No, no really. No need, but thank you.
mala needs to be removed from time to time with soft cotton. - Whew, that sounds way better than the sand paper alternative. thankyouverymuch.
mala needs re-stringing - Aint that the truth!
mala needs a cleaning slave! - Oh I like this one. Seriously I'm not making these up!
mala needs a lot of pepper corn and dried chilli - Apparently I'm spicy!
Mala needs a wife to sew skins - Ummmm, that's odd
Mala needs some spring. - HELL YES!
Mala needs further treatment but not prison - and wine! More wine!
Mala needs to film it without me noticing - WHAT?! OK this is getting weird. Game over


janiece said...

You know, whenever I need a laugh, a kick in the pants or just a new sense of self--I go to your blog. You just make me laugh with your sense of humor--although I would like the cleaning slave too. Any idea where we can get one of those???

Bev said...

OMG, these are hilarious!! Mine were just plain bizarre, and some things should not be mentioned... ever. :o

Michelle said...

It was like a magic 8ball...the first one was "seeking serenity:michelle needs"....omg I totally need some serenity!

Nancy said...

OMG, OMG - too funny. This came up for me - 3. Queen Nancy needs her own personal Boeing 757 kept on standby with 16 dedicated Air Force personnel to cater to her every whim. (It's good to be the Queen!)
I LOVE THIS!!!! It's going on my facebook page. Thanks Mala!!!!

Lori said...

Holy cow did I laugh at yours! I'm thinking I am going to have to throw some out on the internet somehow just to screw around with the other Loris out there who haven't done it yet, but may...

Lori needs 13,245 Q-tips.
Lori needs Mike Tyson to give her a massage without biting.
Lori needs electrolysis for the girly bits.

Oh...wouldn't those be interesting to find?

And hey...if you get the spring thing happening, throw it this way!