Monday, February 16, 2009

Saving Man's Best Friend

Benji has been a member of our family for nearly 6 months and I can not express enough how wonderful he is. He is such a sweet dog. He tolerates the kids dressing him up and parading him around the yard. He is constantly there to offer a happy, wagging tail or a love-filled lick. He even graduated Doggie School with honors. Joe calls him my "white shadow", he's constantly, faithfully by my side. It's hard to believe he once lived as a stray on the streets in Puerto Rico where he probably endured horrible abuse, abuse that most likely caused his broken leg which will forever be bent after healing without medical attention.
A filmmaker recently made a video about the epidemic of stray dogs in Puerto Rico in hopes of educating the people who see the dogs as nothing more than an annoyance. The torture that many of these dogs face is hard to watch but it is good to know there are people who are trying to change the public's view and save these dogs. One of those people is Bonnie, the woman who saved my Benji. She selflessly pours everything she has into saving dogs that most would discard as hopeless. Dogs who, without her, would die unspeakable deaths. I am grateful for what she does. I am grateful that she saved a broken down, unwanted dog named Benji.

Here is Bonnie and others who are trying to make a difference. After you watch the video please visit Bonnie here.

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