Monday, September 7, 2009

Playing With Knobs - NaSePiMo

While mowing the lawn today the tractor came to an abrupt halt... seems as though I should have filled up the gas tank.  No big deal.  I simply lugged the gas can out to the tractor, which was naturally at the furthest point from the garage, filled it up and thought I was back on track to a tidy lawn.  Problem solved... or not.
I turned the key to start 'er up.... and got nothing.  Not being overly mechanically inclined, I thought the best course of action was to say screw it and go get a beer was to leave it sitting on the lawn, perhaps to cool off.
After 30 minutes, I returned to try my luck and still not a single sign of life as I turned the key.  So I resolved the issue the only way I knew how; left the tractor there and took the kids out on a horseback ride.
Joe came home at 9pm and I told him that something had happened to the tractor and it was regretfully DOA.  I went on to tell him I had tried everything but couldn't seem to remedy the situation.  So he went outside and moments later I hear the tractor start up, alive and well.  What the?!
Joe smirked as he passed by me.  Bastard.
He was downright giddy by the time he entered the kitchen to disclose what miraculous action he took to save my beloved mower.  Seems I forgot to turn off the mower deck before trying to restart the tractor... it of course won't turn over until all attachments are disengaged. *smack forehead*
So he imparted some sage advice: If you can't get something to work, just play with the knobs some more.
nice, dear.


Anonymous said...

That's such a man thing to say-just play with the knobs some more. As if that's all they have to do to get something working!

Anonymous said...

That's funny. I hate to admit I've done the same thing though.

Bev said...

What? Turn it off, turn it back on DIDN'T WORK?! My mind has been blown!

More knob-playing is always a good thing, however. I'm FOR it.

Anonymous said...

You totally planned that so you could go pony riding... I see right thru this little fib of yours. LOL

The Peach Tart said...

That sounds like too much work.

Samsmama said...

Wow, you are rocking at this NaSePiMo thing! Good for you! Knobs. Heh.

Harmony said...

Playing with knobs usually gets things started. heh.

Or physical thrashing and tape..always worked for my dad. Gotta admit, at some point one of the knobs would have been kicked and it would have started. ;)

Nancy said...

I do believe it would have been legal for you to mow joe over with the lawn mower after the smirk. no jury in the world would have ever convicted you.

Mala said...

Brooklyn - In their defense - sometimes it is...

Rick - Welcome my momentarily challenged comrade! Nice to know I'm not alone!

Bev - You know damn well I had Larry's voice echoing in my head, "Just turn it off and then turn it back on. It's always been like that."
Freakin' Cracker Jack TV station!!

Courtney, Moi????? Never. OK, maybe a little... but damn it! I just ended up having to finish it first thing in the morning!

Peach Tart - Actually, pushing that thing back to the garage would have been way too much work! So hence it sat on the lawn.

Samsmama - Whew *wiping sweat from brow* Thanks! *pant, pant* Only 23 more days left *huff*

Harmony - True, playing with knobs does tend to turn some things on.... and we may be sister...

Nancy - So very true! I think I have enough evidence on my side to legally commit homicide.

Maria said...

Thanks for the belly laughs this morning -- literally. I got choked up from laughing so very hard.

Lori said... funny. John liked this post a lot. You're about the only one he says, "Which one is that?" about when I am sitting by him checking blogs. He knows it's yours. He's waiting for me to read it to him. I happily oblige!