Sunday, September 6, 2009

time for a new laptop- NaSePiMo

Well , well, well... looks like my poor ailing laptop couldn't take the thought of my blogging via cell phone. Tonight as I clicked 'publish' on my newest post, my computer hiccuped, chocked & pooped itself and then gave me that screen I hate so very cannot be displayed. BASTARD!
But i will not be brought down by insolent laptop! Please enjoy this shot of the Beck & Morgan catching up with their friend Aidai on the roller coaster yesterday at the fair.

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MtnMama said...

IMO, your laptop is feeling hurt and betrayed. Maybe if you sent it some nice flowers, a little sparkly something, and spent some quality time with it, it would be willing to forgive you...

nah, probably not.

Mala said...

MtnMama - Perhaps you're right. But right now I'm just about ready to give it a good arse kicking!!!