Monday, May 24, 2010

Frankly, My Dear....

LaBev and I traveled to Boston on Friday to meet the infamous Frank, who may or may not have flown all the way from Texas just to meet us.

On the car ride south, Bev and I discussed escape plans, in case he was a freak pondered what the night might hold.

While sitting outside Cheers, we regretted not requesting Frank to wear something that might make him stand out in a crowd, such as a kilt or a bowler hat... but hell, this is Boston, that stuff is common-place. Bev insisted she spotted him, but I disagreed since somewhere in my mind I believed he would be wearing this outfit;

and of course, driving this;

Of course, Bev was correct and Frank surprised us with dead dandelions flowers.

And in case you were wondering, yes it was bright and sunny in Boston on Friday.

We made our way to dinner where Bev and I enjoyed a bottle on Pinot Gris, while Frank gingerly sipped un-sweetened ice tea.

At which point, Bev and I were maybe a smidge worried.

But then we found Frank's weakness; Bacon and Blue Cheese Martinis.

... and the party began!

I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

Who likes to party?

This guy!

Frank even attempted to recreate his one moment of fame:

Frank was much shorter than I had imagined.

Give me "sexy"

Give me "special"

So there you have it. Good times. Frank is as pervy fun and witty as we could have hoped for. And we left him relatively unscarred.


Frank Irwin said...

Now I get it, Mala was playing the part of the Frisbee.

Bev said...

Hilarious! Mala, you've outdone yourself. I'm just glad we were able to kick out the tail light or else we might STILL be stuck inside that van.

Rich Girl Red said...

Awesome pics Mala! I might question the wisdom of posting the "sexy" pic so close to the "special" one but what the hell--go for it!

I think Frank only pretended to be short so he could shove his face into your boob. Brill move Frank!

Thanks so much for sharing--I can almost feel like I was there (except it's too early in the morning to start drinking, dammit.)

Mala said...

Frank - *big sigh* FINALLY! Sheesh.

Bev - Yes, absolutely. And thank you for the advice regarding never leaving my drink unattended.

RGR - sometimes it's hard to tell with us. It's a fine line between sexy and special
And what's this "too early" business you speak of?

onebadmamajama said...

Awesome! What?! You guys didn't visit the free hugs guy while in the big city? lol I bet Frank woulda loved thatl;)

Frank Irwin said...

OBMJ, I was the Free Hugs guy! Or maybe I was the Look Down Your Blouse guy.

Kate said...

I was wondering if that's what that picture was. It's good to see that Frank is still as limber as he was in his, well, when he was younger. I am pretty positive that he preferred having Mala between his legs than a frisbee.

Great pics, but alas, no nudity. sigh.

Mala said...

OBMJ & Frank - Frank, you told me you were the "Free gropes Guy"!

Kate - I photo-shopped clothes on all of us. Sorry.

Frank Irwin said...

Well, Mala, what you actually heard was, "B-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b--b-b-b-b-b-b-b--b-b-b--b-b.'

Kate said...

I am impressed by your mad photoshop skillz. You rock.

Samsmama said...

The caption for the first picture is hilarious! And the "special" one made me laugh out loud. Awesome pictures and clearly you guys had a fabulous time. Very jealous.

Wanna hear something shocking? My ex drives a van.

Cary said...

Nice pics -- reminds me of when the short bus crowd would come to town once a month for yogurt and corrective shoes.

Mala said...

Frank - oh yes, that's right.

Kate - word!

Cary - Yeah, well the short bus people know how to party.

MtnMama said...

"relatively unscarred" - hahhahhaaa... *gasp*

oh, I wish I'd been there.

Coffeypot said...

If I ever make it to Beantown I expect to be scarred by you two.

Harmony said...

I'm just waiting for the words to show up on your page...enjoying the pictures while I wait.

Harmony said...

Of course, you're the frisbee! I would have went the rest of my life not knowing that, had you not spelled it out for me. Looks like you guys had a blast!

Frank Irwin said...

I wonder what happened to my upper plate in that "Frank is much shorter..." photo.

Mala said...

MtnMama - WE wish you were there too!!!

Coffey - B&I are just warmin' up!

Harmony - allow me to mix you a drink while you wait.

Frank - you don't remember? You gave it to that stripper when you ran out of ones.

Frank Irwin said...

Ah, so I did. I wish that I would have remembered that I put the rohypnol in Bev's martini before I drank it.

janiece said...

I really need to figure out a way to get my ass on a plane and come out and see you! Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all!

dogimo said...

You know, you two just make the world seem like it's got secret special fun hidden in it, and all you have to do is look.

You know what, I should include Frank in that. "You too, Frank!"

Mala said...

Frank - I thought you'd be a pro at that by now.

Janiece - ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!!

Mo Doggie Dog - Oh the fun isn't hidden, it's right here! HOOT!

Mala said...

Samsmama! How did I miss your comment?
You were with us in spirit (and by that I mean, Frank shared some rather scandelous fantasies he has about you).
Your ex drives a van?! Niiiice!

Lori said...

Really--hard to decide which is funnier--the post or the comments!!!

Ahh...such a good laugh. Thanks!

PorkStar said...

haha, pretty awesome. You two ladies are an amazing fun bunch. Who wouldn't have fun with you both? I did, but Bev's was hungry and y'all had to bounce.

Still, I loved it too!!!


Mala said...

Lori - Yes, there's some seriously funny mofos here. I love each and everyone of the silly little bastards.

Porkstar - Reading your comment just made me realize, the key to a good time with M&B is to feed us relatively quickly to ensure sustainability. (Oh, and don't spill Bev's wine. NEVER spill Bev's wine.)
But still, good times Porky.

PorkStar said...

Oh crap i spilled her wine, now i remember. Oops!

Next time the alcohol is on me!

: )

Frank Irwin said...

This time, the wine was on me. Some of Mala's wine, some of Mala's martini.