Sunday, May 16, 2010

Holy First Communion, Batman!

I know, First Communion is supposed to be serious business, but c'mon, this is my family we're talking about. We don't do serious.

But I admit, I was a bit stressed dealing with dress, unruly veils and keeping Beck presentable (read: keeping him in unripped clothing. It's harder than you think. The boy can blow out the knees of a pair of pants by just thinking about it.)

But once both ruggies were dressed, I hurriedly tried to take photographic proof that they were both neat and clean and well dressed, you know, just in case they spilled something or sat in any mysterious stickiness on the 10 minute ride to the church. 'Cause that would happen. Trust.

Yeah, I know I have you staring directly at the sun, but dammit, stop squinting!

Beck, did you just yawn? I'm sorry, am I boring you? Ugh. Let's try one more picture, shall we?

Oh, damnit! Forget it! Just get in the car. And don't get dirty!

I'm not sure why I spent any time doing Morgan's hair either. It was W I N D Y!

Finally we made our way inside.

After Morgan nagged me for most of the mass with "I'm hungry, when do I get to eat the bread?", it was her big moment.

And as soon as Morgan received her communion wafer, Beck shouted out, "I WANT ONE TOO!". Ugh.

At the conclusion on the mass, Father Steve called the girls up and gave them each a special gift.
"Nice gloves. Madonna used to wear ones just like these."

"Now remember, boys have cooties..."

"Did your Mom do your hair? It's a mess. Here, let me fix that."

So we made it! And everyone stayed clean and tidy... well, until the ride home when Beck somehow got his hands on a marker and decorated his new dress shirt. *sigh*

Even the dog was wiped out by the end of the festivities.

Hope you all had a great weekend.

(the rest of this post is for the benefit of family members that weren't able to attend. Of course ya'll are free to stay. We'll break out slides from last year's vacation. Now let me whip up some dip.)


Frank Irwin said...

Was this a "girls-only" First Communion?

Cute pics, and great captions!

Coffeypot said...

She is beautiful and he is all boy.

Glad the day went well....YEA GOD!

onebadmamajama said...

What a beautiful family you have! Looks like you guys were serious when you needed to be:)

What is it with the kids and not looking at the camera at the same time?! I can totally sympathize with your frustration LOL

Harmony said...

Awww..great photos! And I agree, great captions!

Morgan is absolutely beautiful!

janiece said...

Very nice! And for so much for short notice--that veil is awesome! Just a few more years and Beck will get his turn.
What is it about the wind lately--same issue here! Of course--that picture is a keeper for high school graduation and wedding day--just to make her blush!

MtnMama said...

I love your take on it. Your children are beautiful. The dog made me spit my cocktail.

Hilary Marquis said...

You guys clean up good! Hahaha! I understand keeping the boy dirt/rip is a challenge. I have to tackle family pictures this summer. Ugh! Morgan was beautiful :)

Bev said...

How the hell did I miss this post?! You all look great, and Morgan is just the prettiest little lace glove-wearing girl there! Love the pics!!

Benji looks... scary. But still cute!

Mala said...

Frank - I was wondering the same thing. But then thinking about the stress of attempting to put Beck in head to toe white suit, I think I understand why there's no boys. I think God would agree.

Coffey - Thank you. and a double Yay God from me.

OBMJ - It's like herding wild cats, ain't it.

Harmony - awwww, thanks.

Janiece - ack! (See Frank's reply)

MtnMama - I was not raised Catholic so this is all new to me.

Hil - You're family pix always come out beautifully!

Bev - I keep telling Joe that Benji's bed needs siderails so he won't keep falling out. One of these days he's going to suffer dainbrammage.