Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pie Oh My!

You know I love ya'll when I post the most unflattering video ever. That's right, this is what you get on a Sunday morning after a lively evening with several bottles of wine friends, sans make-up and my hair totally un-did. But hey, I'm about to get a pie or two in the face so why bother getting dolled up, right?

Admittedly, the kids took it easy on me because I threatened them with eternal ground-ation they love me. Joe stopped the taping though just before I got Beck pretty good.
Oh and I didn't give him a bloody nose, the kids decided they wanted to be Rodolph this morning. Nice.
Thank you again to everyone who donated to make Christmas possible for 100 kids in Kyrgyzstan. All together 2129 orphans will get to celebrate a day they won't forget. You guys are awesome!!!


Frank Irwin said...


Stuart said...

The kids were so gentle. They must truly fear, er, love you!

And good job. You rawk.

wv - pubserph: a little winged infant that hangs out in bars

Mala said...

Frank - woot right back at ya!

Stuart - Yes, I've taught them well. Although Beck's slo-mo pie delivery was still a little traumatic.

Now that I'm awake, showered and properly groomed, I'm feeling the need to re-do this video. Seriously, even my Mom had to tell me how bad I look in this video.

Heh, public humilaition - I'll do it for the kids.

janiece said...

HAHAHAHA--and I can't even add on to that!

janiece said...

Of course, I can't find your address when I'm doing Xmas cards . I blame the kids for killing my computer. Can you email it to me?

Samsmama said...

That's so great! I'd love to see you getting Beck, though. Such a cute kiddo.

Sure, sure...totally believe you about the bloody nose.

Hilary Marquis said...

Hoorayy!! Hey, how come there's no whipped cream on your walls? My kids are untrainable... :)

Mala said...

Janiece - I think I rather have paraded around in a Hannah Montana wig.
BTW you should be getting our card in the mail today. Addy's on it.

Samsmama - Beck of course LOVED getting hit with pie.
(yeah, why do you think the video was stopped...)

Hilary - after watching your video I knew what to do AND WHAT NOT TO DO! Seriously, I felt your pain. You got hit good. That's why I stressed to my kids that the object of the event wasn't to break my nose.

Bev said...

I can't believe that neat freak Joe allowed that to happen in his house! HA!!! Good for you!

You're a terrific sport, Malomatic, but I do think the kids took it easy on ya. :)

MtnMama said...

I laughed when I heard your husband saying "easy," - and I saw how you set up a chair far away from anything hard to clean. Yeah, we're on to you, Mala! hahaha! Love it! (and that's what I look like all the time, so...)

Mala said...

Bev - right? I'm surprised the video isn't all shakey with Joe fearing a mess.

MtnMama - yes, busted. Seriously I was expecting more of a mess. Kinda like my girl Hilary's experience

BTW, Joe watched the video this morning and commented, "Oh gawd, you look horrible".. and yes, he meant before I was hit with the pies. Oh crap, don't be surprised if they video...a-hem... disappears.

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