Monday, December 7, 2009

Memory Lane Monday

While riffling through the old file cabinet for a shipping envelope (which I never found, if you care) I came across an old copy of Pro Sound News magazine, a periodical for the recording industry.
In a former life I used to work in a Pro Audio Rep firm. It was an awesome gig. Among other things, our job was to make sure recording artists got their hot little hands on the products we represented. Some of my more memorable clients were Mike Score of Flock of Seagulls, who I always questioned where his accent went, Rob Van Winkle who I was always polite to and never laughed at... mostly., Emilio Estefan, who I mistakenly hung up on each and every time he'd call, but luckily he was close friends with my boss, and I was cute otherwise good at my job, so I wasn't fired we were good.
We also made sure our stuff was available for credit on album recordings. I clearly recall Carlos Santana calling in for some equipment on an album he was recording. I could hardly control my laughter! Santana!? Like he'll ever have another song on the radio! Yeah, Supernatural went on to sell 15 million copies, 9 Grammy awards, Album of the Year... blah, blah, blah. Did I mention I was cute?

Anyhoo, one of the perks of the job was traveling to Los Angeles to attend NAMM which is a huge industry convention where all the music artists, producers, engineers, ect could come out and play with all the newest equipment. My duties at NAMM were to be there, which I did...mostly. Beyond that I'd make sure our clients were happy and that I get certain industry people to come to particular events. Oh, you may remember that I'm missing that gene that allows me to recognize people , well it's made even more fun when I'm supposed to recognize people I've never met. Luckily Slash and Ace Frehley were easy to spot. But it took me half a dinner with Eric Burdon before I had a clue who he was. Luckily he was a good sport about it, after all I was only 22.

So one of my other duties at NAMM was to show up for photo ops. And show up I did...but just barely.

Here's a page out of that Pro Sound News. I had no idea this little photo shoot was going to end up in full color in a national magazine. MmmBop! there I am right there under the picture of that little girl from Hanson.

What? It's not like I look like I may have spent the entire night out in LA and only returned to my hotel that morning to grab my nifty little name badge, does it? I think this is the day I took a little nap under the desk at the Mackie booth. What? Totally respectable people have found themselves needing to catch a few Zzzz's under a desk now and then! Right Bev?

Good times indeed.


Stuart said...

You were a rep? Or at least of rep helper ("relper")? Sweet!

I loved when I worked as a rep, and oddly enough, at one of the (many) trade shows I attended (worked), on the last day of the show, I looked almost exactly like you did in that picture. Yep, my hair grew all long and e'ythang.

Good times ... except without the awesome caliper of clientele you had. [envy]

wv - diriti: what I think I had one or two too many of the night before the last day of the show

Coffeypot said...

AAHHHHHH the good old days when we were young and tight and young and full of energy and young and, well, just young.

Samsmama said...

Man, you are so good to us! First the video, now this. I tip my hat to you, dear lady!

And by the way, I laughed my ass off at "that little girl from Hanson."

And you can't mention napping under your desk without me thinking of Seinfeld, which I'm sure Bev will, too.

My wv is "bushrig". Stuart?

Stuart said...

SM - I thought the same Seinfeld ref too, except I had the Mackie console in mind and the inner geek in me thought of BNC connectors instead of Latina cleaning ladies. FML.

"bushrig"? Far too many possibilities there, the least of which is a seaplane, the worst of which can be found at the Liberated Wommyn's Art and Cultural Self Identity Exploration Rally Festival Parade and Pet Show (WACSIERFPPS).

wv - hyperms:what many of said wommyn tend to experience

Mala said...

Stuart - You too?! Cool! We're like spiritually connected. So did you ever go to NAMM? That still ranks up there as one of the best weeks evah!

Coffey - yes, young and able to function (mostly) on 2 1/2 hours TOTAL of sleep for the week.

Samsmama - Yes, I have no shame. But mostly it's because I love y'all so much.

Stuart - Oh the old WACSIERFPPS! See you there!

Lee said...

LMAO @ Little girl from Hanson :)

Elliott said...

A good friend spent years in the music video industry. I think you get drummed out if you DON'T look like you spent the entire night out partying.

Well played.

Bev said...

Good memories for you, for sure!

And yeah, I've napped under my desk at work ala George Costanza... but just that ONE TIME! Sheesh!

I was tired and just needed a little power nap! Let it go! heee

MtnMama said...

I think you are cute as a button in that photo. While I have no desire to be that age again, I sincerely miss the days when being a cute young thing bought a pass - sometimes without even knowing that's what was going on.

Confessions of a Mother, Lawyer & Crazy Woman said...

Why I do not clean out our house ... spend so much time rummaging through old photos and boxes and graduation tassles and such ... cute picture! Enjoyed the walk down memory lane ... happy holidays!

Cary said...

Rob Van Winkle is cool as long as you're willing to stop, collaborate and listen.

Mala said...

Lee - Yes, those damn little girls and their mind-numbingly catchy craptastic song! Damn them!

Elliott - I've been blessed with two jobs that being social and livin' it up was actually a requirement.

Bev - At least you napped under YOUR desk. Thank goodness the fine folks at Mackie didn't judge. They just stepped over me while assisting their customers.

MtnMama - So very true!

CMLCW - Exactly! As you can imagine, crap got done yesterday. Heh.

Cary - Word to your Mutha!

calicobebop said...

Freaking Awesome. And I'm not going to comment on the sleeping under the desk thing because as far as I'm concerned it's perfectly acceptable. :)

Mala said...

Calicobebop - I just realized apparently my co-workers were on 'maroon shirt day' while I was still back on 'Blue shirt day'. Heh, it's not like I slept in it...

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