Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Little Spring De-lurking

First and foremost, I want to thank you for visiting my little random corner o' blogodom. I really appreciate it. It's encouraging that someone is actually reading the dribble that I share, otherwise it's like talking to myself and that's, well, just creepy.


I admit, I like watching my little Feedjit updater. It's like standing at the front door, face pressed firmly against the glass, anxiously waiting for someone to walk up the walk. Yeah, I'm a losah. Heh.

So here's your invite (actually a plea, no really, I'm beggin' ya) to step out of the darkness and give a big "hell yeah!". Leave me a comment and say Hello. That goes for my regulars as well (holla!).

I really want everyone to leave a shout out, but the following lurkers better come forth or I will hunt them down and show up on their front steps.... oh, what, I'm sorry. Don't know what got into me. Really, I won't stalk you (I'll leave that up to Frank!). But seriously, I love that you drop by and visit often, but the curiosity is killin' me!!!!! Just say Hi. I don't bite...hard.

Come out! Come out! PORTLAND, OREGON! I'm kinda hoping it's Art Alexakis... but I doubt it.

Give me a holla, the Lori Does MD's friend in Los Angeles!

And my direct link from Los Angeles, show me some lovin'.

Also in Cali - San Leandro , Culver City, San Fran, Alameda, Corona (Mmmmm!), Modesto

All my peeps in Germany! Hasselhoff rules!!!!

Louth, Ireland - Go n-éirí do bóthar leat

Waterville, Ohio - GO BUCKEYES!

Word to my neighbor! Exeter, NH, and while we're at it Suncook, Weare (there's several of you) and Concord.

I love New York!

OH! Canada! Lakefield?

Fargo, ND "Yah, you betcha"

Nashville area - I know Maria lives in that neck of the woods, but she's not alone in her blog-stalking..... y'all.
HEY! CHICAGO! I'm talking to you!!!!!! I see you're here. C'mon... you can do it!

Overland Park, Kansas - Don't just pass through like dust on the wind....

Carmel, Indiana....Mmmmm carmel.

OK, I realize Feedjit often gets locations wrong, heck it insists I live in Acton, MA - where ever that is - so if you live near the city listed or have ever heard of it (or have never heard of it), you need to go ahead and hit that "leave a comment" button now.

go on....


Bev said...

HOLLA BACK, beyotch! Also, I had no idea you spoke Gaelic! Go, you!

PS) word verif: oondab. Like, would you like some sunblock? Hmmm, yes, but just oondab.

Mala said...

I knew I could count on you Bevers!

OK Chicago just made their daily visit and snuck out the door without saying a word. What gives? *sniffs pitts* *shrug*

Mary said...

Hola senorita!
I wish I had something witty to say, but I'm considering a major home improvement project, so I'm distracted.
Funny how the words 'home improvement' does nothing to improve my mood.
anyway, hola :)

Mala said...

Hola Mary,
oh home improvement... Have fun with that. It's never-ending, isn't it? They make it look so fun and easy on HGTV. Bastards.

Mom to 2 Angels said...

Hey, Mala. I live right near Maria in Nashville! Your blog is on my blog reader list, so yep every time there is a new post, I'm stalkin you I guess :)


Mala said...

Hey Andrea - Glad to see you! Stalk away, by all means!

I used to live just outside Nashville, in Springfield, for 1 whole year as a kid. I have many fond memories, still in touch with a few of our old neighbors. But seriously, I think I spent an entire year scared to death that I would be attached by a Copperhead.
By the way, our most favoritest Chinese restaurant was right on the river in Clarksville. My parents still talk about it. Yumm.

Samsmama said...

Dingbat, I'M OP, KS. And I always comment. Often forget to click for follow up comments, so just keep coming back. Which is starting to make me seem really sad & creepy all of a sudden.


Brady's Mommy! said...

hey mala.

I'm a weare visitor, i wish i could be someone creepy from high school stalking you, but it's just me- erica. :)


Mala said...

Did you just call me a dingbat???? LOL! OMG I could do a whole post on All In The Family! Seriously, my Dad is a lot like Archie Bunker, but in a good way. My Mom is nothing like Edith though.
Of course! Crap, I knew you were in Kansas. That's one of those square states, right?
And please, feel free to be sad and creepy all you want. You're in good company and amongst friends!

Mala said...

" i wish i could be someone creepy from high school stalking you"
Don't sell yourself short Erica! LOL!
Glad to hear from you!

Frank Irwin said...


That's why I keep coming here, hoping to find out.

I'm in Houston, just had lunch with Steph, so :-P!

I've been to Acton, MA. I still have a friend who lives there, in fact...

Mala said...

Frank, I've heard all about your missions for self-discovery!

Lunch with Steph, eh? I'm giving you the benefit of doubt that lunch didn't include duct tape and several yards of rope.

Bev said...

Hey, has anyone heard from Steph lately? Weird.

PS) forryp - HEE!

Jes said...

Howdy, howdy. I don't "stalk" often, but I'm hear now ...

Peace and love.

The Daily Wit said...

I'm holla'ing. See, I suck at slang. I'm saying hello. There, much better.

Mala said...

Jes - Glad you stopped in! Come back anytime.

Daily Wit - You play you, my friend! It's all good. Good to have ya.

janiece said...

Hey you know who the Madison one is! I think I might have to delurk people too!
OMG--the first part of the word verification is creep. Now if that doesn't "creep" you out! Could they possibly know he truth about me???

Mala said...

Janiece - I swear I have an evil word verification troll!
Nice to see you.

Samsmama said...

Am I drinking, or wasn't this blog called "Bringing home Beck"?

Frank Irwin said...

Right on both counts, I'm guessing, Samsmama.

Hilary Marquis said...

C'est Moi! Of course, I'm always stalking ya ;) Mia asked when she gets to come see/ride Storm again? She settled for a sad little pony at the children's zoo.

Mala said...

The door's always open!
Sad little pony-ride pony. Oh how disappointing. No other horse will do for that girl!
Mr. Dee went to Beck's pre-school yesterday and gave every kid a ride. I'll post about if/when I get pictures from the school photog. All I've got is an ackward pix I took from my camera phone while trying to hold Mr. Dee.

Nancy said...

Heh Mala,
Me and my toothless cat Angie say hi!
Word is....barmplet

sounds like something you'd say cleaning the stalls after too much tequilla

Marnie and Jeremy said...

Hi Y'all! I 'm the famous one. You know, Friday Night Lights and Heros. That's right, If I can't be in NH Odessa rocks! And Frank, my husband will be in Houston next week and Steph had better resurface.

Mala said...

Marnie - good, you better warn Jeremy.
Friday Night Lights?? I think Morgan's uber-crush is on that show - Jeremy Sumpter.

Ivy Lee said...

Hi Mala, it's Ivy. I have to admit that I stalk your blog from San Leandro, California on a regular basis. Your blog was one of the first ones I found that made me decide on Kyrg so I have lots to thank you for. The biggest reason is our little man Dylan.

Deb G. said...

Hi Mala,

Whats wrong with Vero Beach FL

Mala said...

Ivy - Glad you still stop by even though the ol' blog has grown and changed over the years. (And by 'grown & changed' I mean of course that it has transitioned from a sweet and innocent diary of our adoption journey to a hodgepodge of silly, immature crap. yay me!

Hey Deb! I knew who my Vero Beach lady was. How's it going? Sick of all that annoying sun and sand yet?

Nancy - Trailer Park kitties are the BEST!

Harmony said...

Hmmm.. I don't think I was listed on your list of lurkers de-lurk! But I am going to say Hi anyway.

HI!! *waves hand*
(yes..yes I did)

So..I live in Northern California...itty bitty town of Gridley. But, I have satelite it says I am from somewhere else, usually Leaseburg Missouri...I wonder what I show up as on your reader.

Samsmama said...

Harmony is Leasburg, MO???? Wow! That just solved a HUGE mystery over at my blog. Not even kidding.

My word verf: anatome. As in:

I hear a lot of people were upset with the finale of Grey's Anatome last night.

Harmony said...

LOL Samsmama, sorry about that. Satelite internet is crazy!

I haven't watched the Grey's Anatomy finale, I already feel disappointed. Fuck it.

Kate said...

Hey Mala! Maybe I'm Portland, OR ... even though I live in Vancouver, WA, not sure where I would be tracked :) I lurve your blog and read it along with List of the Day faithfully! :)

Maria said...

Actually, according to your Feedjit I am " Pleasant View, Tennessee arrived on "Mixed Nuts"" I LOVE LOVE LOVE the movie Mixed Nuts (have you seen it?) and watch it every Christmas. It's a bit off - like me!! So, now you know where I'm from.

Kim Adams said...

Hi, maybe I'm the KC even though I'm in Springfield, Missouri (but soon to be Thailand so don't let that throw you). I found your blog when my sister adopted from Kyrg about the same time as Beck. (she might be the ND)

Bev said...

OMG! Mystery solved! Harmony shows up as Burfordville, Missouri on my Feedjit! I knew it was her, b/c I am obsessive (shut up), but always wondered how she and Audra could be within driving distance when Audra pops up as Sacramento! Duh! I get it now. Now I can stop saying to myself, "Ya don't have to show me! I'm not from Missourah!" every time I see it.

Jackie said...

Hey, you missed your favorite Ft. Lauderdale stalker :)

Ivy Lee said...

Mala, I can always count on your blog for a good laugh, so thanks for letting me lurk!

Mala said...

Kate - I figured Vancouver was you. How are you?

Kim - You'll have to let us know if Thai food in Thailand is better than the sweet nectar of God that it is in the USA.

Lori - You ARE my favorite stalker In Ft. Lauderdale, but not my only. The other one (thankfully) doesn't read this blog and served 2 prison sentences for his efforts.

Ivy, always nice to "see you" here. In blog terms, stalking is a sweet thing.