Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thankful Thursdays

OK, this may not be as wildly popular as my Tight Jean Tuesday post, but with the encouragement of the ol' Beveroni, I'll give it a wack. After all, I have plenty to be thankful for.

Our 2009 show season starts this Saturday with our first horse show, so I'm thankful for my wonderful, amazing, talented horses. I have 2 horses that I'm so proud of and with whom I trust so much to take care of their riders.
Win or lose, I'm thankful that I have the means and opportunity to enjoy such fun activities and to be able to watch my niece grow and learn and compete.

I'm also thankful that this is the view out my front door right now.

Life is good.

(I'm also very thankful for all the cash I will now be making being an Imaginary Girlfriend! Thanks, Cary!)


Bev said...

Yes, life is good! Nice post, Malomatic. I'm thankful for you, fo' sho'.

Also, let me know how that Imaginary GF thing works out. I'm getting really tired of making extra money doing phone a CHUMP.

Samsmama said...

Great pictures! And best of luck to you with your new career!

jessica o said...

Bev, you do phone sex? Does a guy named James ever call? He likes to play ping-pong and listen to Enya.

Mala and Bev, I am moving to VT. Did you see the view out my front door?

Cary said...

Mala, I knew you'd be perfect for IG. Hell, I might even hire you. I could use a gf, even a fake one.

Thankful Thursdays sounds like something they do at church for old folks. Lots of squash casseroles and bad music.

Mala said...

Bev - Thanks... likewise my friend.

Samsmama - Thank you. I've been practicing for years.

Jessica - You know, please don't come to my blog and try to lure my party-goers to your party.... oh wait, that sounds familiar... who would say such a thing??? Hmmmmm???? Just kidding.
You're neighbors rock. How do they get their trailer up those stairs?

Cary - are you calling me fake????
And yes, I'd make an excellent IG. Why right now I'm wearing my imaginary lingerie!

Bev said...

Who else thinks Jess O needs to learn a tiny bit of HTML? Anyone? Anyone? Cutting & pasting blooooooows. :)

LMAO @ "imaginary lingerie!"

Mary said...

what an awesome view! I'm jealous...and distracted by Cary's comment about squash casserole? What the hell is that?

Nancy said...

I'm thankful that I was able to board Leo at such a wonderful spot!!!!