Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Well, That Explains That!

After about a year of Bev nagging me to join Facebook, I gave in. And as intended, I got hooked.

Well, all of a sudden I no longer get e-mail notifications. I checked all the settings, they're fine. But still, nada. Talk away all you want to me on Facebook, I ain't hearing a word. Bastards.

So today I finally try to get to the bottom of this issue (yeah, yeah, yeah I have plenty of other real issues I should be tending to, but whatev.) Anyhoo, I made sure they had the correct address and then the bright bulbs at Facebook sent me this incredibly incoherent e-mail:


Someone else has registered and verified the email address Mala's, which was previously tied to your Facebook account. Because they were able to confirm this email, mala's has been removed from your account.

You can no longer use this email address to log in, and we will not be sending notifications for your account to that address.

You can still log in using mala's (Your same old account password will work with this email.) We will be sending notification emails for your Facebook account to mala's

You can change these settings at

Please contact us at if you have any questions.


The Facebook Team

Hmmmm, now let me get this straight, they've removed my e-mail address from my account and I can no longer use it to login. And in the very next breath they tell me to go ahead and use my e-mail address to login. Oh and I WILL and WILL NOT be receiving notifications to my e-mail address from this time forward.



Samsmama said...

I'm so glad you got that all figured out. That would be really annoying to not know.

Hilary Marquis said...

That was about as clear as mud. So, when will Eclipse be arriving? Shall I watch for FedEx or UPS?! *hahaha* Um, No!

Lori said...

That's about as bad as when someone at some department store entered my information into a credit application wrong (years ago)--My info was Lori K. Mullins. She entered Lon R. Miller. (So close, right?) Anyway, I get a letter of denial for the credit for Lon. I call all three credit agencies telling them that no such person existed and the lady entered my info incorrectly. They (all) tell me that indeed, Lon does exist, according to them, and conveniently has my same social security number! I asked them if they saw the lack of logic in two people (one with a credit history, one just registered)having the same number, and while they did, they explained that to protect Lon, I would have to prove that it WASN'T Lon's number, but mine. Protect Lon? WHO?
Long story was a nightmare to fix, and for years after, I still got credit reports that had Lori Mullins Ennis AKA Lori K. Mullins AKA Lon R. Miller. I tell you, if they protected REAL people half as much as they protected 'people' like Lon...the world would be a better place.

security word? in stories like yours and mine slowly kell souls.

jessica o said...

So, is it sorted out? What a pain in the ass!

Marnie and Jeremy said...

I'm sure that the tooth Fairy understood all of that just perfectly!

Frank Irwin said...

When did Microsoft buy Facebook?

Bev said...

Is that tag "Lessons in Incontinence?" Mala, you really need to see someone about your peeing issue. For reals.

Facebook blows. But I love it.

Nancy said...

If it's any consolation, i'm not getting email notices anymore either!

Mala said...

Samsmama -yes, I mean no, well, I think.... not really.

Hilary - oh you'll know when it arrives. It's the big, angry box with holes.

Lori - Ugh! That's it! I'm never filling out another store credit app ever again! Don't you just love that YOU'RE the one they treat with such suspicion! Idiots!

Jessica - I replied back to Facebook saying something like please explain this clusterfuck e-mail and lay off the booze, ya humps!

Marnie - Yes, I agree. Now if only she could use her keen diplomatic talents to get me out of this mess!

Frank - Actually it sounds more like the government may have taken it over...

Bev - We're taking your car next week.... right??????

Nancy - So maybe Facebook is just dissing the people of Pembroke. Bastards!

Cary said...

FAILbook. By Microsoft.

(Good one, Flank!)