Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Googles

Hey, it's this week's theme.

"Stewart, you'll get your googles on the tiger!"

I love me some Stewart! "Look what I can do!"


Bev said...

Love it! Arguably the only funny recurring MadTV sketch. D'oh! I know, you loved that show.... :p

Harmony said...

I know kids who act like this, voice and all. Perhaps that is why it is SO hilarious..because it's true.

Mala said...

Harmony, what do you mean? My kids are constantly saying "Look what I can do" and then doing some random twitchy thing that is supposed to impress me.
Oh, and sometimes I feel a bit like Stuart's Mom... and I'm not just talking about her frumpy style.

Ahhhh, Bev. I'll have to post some more hilarity from the MadTV. I know it's dead and buried but still, good stuff.

Mary said...

Once night on a travel baseball trip, my son, his twin sister, and I were laying in the hotel room, trying desperately to recover from the blistering heat we'd endured thru 4 games that day. We'd ordered room service and were literally sprawled on the beds in as little as possible trying to cool off...when Grace jumps up and says, 'hey look what I can do" which I answered in a Stuart's-mom's-voice, "Stuart, what does mommy say about hopping around hotel rooms?"
I don't know where that voice came from but we laughed until I think Grace might have peed a little...good stuff.

Mala said...

Mary - I'm always dropping the Stuart quotes (yes, in the crazy Mother's voice) and so many people just respond in blank stares. Oh wait, that's true with 90% of all my interactions with people.
Anyhoo-it rocks that your kids get it!

Lori said...

Okay...this skit and your comment about the "Oops I crapped myself" pants brought up fond memories of one of my and John's favorite SNL skits...for the walk down memory lane, I Youtubed it.

We still randomly tell each other: "Because I'm wearing one...and I just did."

Ahh...needed a good laugh!

Samsmama said...

I'm just can't seem to enjoy Stuart. I'm so sorry.

But we reference "Oops I crapped my pants" around here all the time. Usually paired with the mention of Colon Blow.

Mala said...

What? Samsmama! You no lovey the Stuart? Shame. Oh well, you're still cool in my book.

"Imagine this pitcher of ice tea is a gallon of your feces"

Lori - I need to find the Anal Retentive Chef. OMG I loved that one! And Finger Off - Absolutely precious!!