Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day Recap

Mother's Day was thoroughly enjoyable yesterday. We packed up the ruggies and met Bev and company at our local amusement park. Mom's got in free all day and were even treated to free lunch. So besides our beer, Bev and I were cheap dates.

Seriously, are these kids cute or what!!!! Little Matty was also with us... I think. I have no pictures to prove it.

Bev and fam. Matty? Where's Matty!

SEE! Bev is always the stalkeratzi!

WHOA!!! Slow down the speed boats!!!

FOUL! Bev and I couldn't possible walk by this mess without sneaking a photo. Geesh Mom, your thongs are showing. (yeah, click on the picture to get the full force of the wrong-ness)

This is Bev. really. embarrassed. What? Like no one has ever seen a grown woman air-kissing a... chicken before.
She still hangs with me anyway. MUAH!


Bev said...

LMAO!!! I think my word verif. says it all, "doozie."

BWAH! Who knew Blogger had editorial word verifications?

Jackie said...

You two are tooooo funny! Love it!! Great shots and happy belated mother's day :)

Samsmama said...

If you didn't have picture proof, I wouldn't believe you. Bev does not strike me as the blushing type.

Ok, really. That woman MUST know her ass is out. Really.

Frank Irwin said...

I liked the way you qualified your "cheap date" comment with "besides the beer."

Mala said...

Bev - There's something to that whole word verification thing... like little elves or something.

Jackie - And happy Mother's day to you too!

Samsmama - you know, I probably wouldn't have believed it myself either. That's why, like the spectacular friend I am, I couldn't let the moment pass without snapping photographic proof!

Frank - oh no! My trailer park-ness is showing! *blushing like Bev*

jessica o said...

what do you find at amusement parks? crackers, crack-ups, and crack.

nice shade of red, bev.

Cary said...

WTF is that thing over Bev's shoulder in the "stalkeratzi" pic? Holy shit. Looks like Iron Eyes Cody's grandma. And she's growing right out of Bev's shoulder.

Mala said...

Jessica O - yes, yes and yes!

Cary - Oh I see, Bev tells you all sorts of erroneous things about me, but fails to mention her partially formed, conjoined twin head. Niiiiiiiiiccceeeee.

Harmony said...

Mala lmao @ your comment to Cary..very funny!

I can't believe that woman's looks like it hurts! She must have some bad ass anal glands.

Hilary Marquis said...

Hmm...those flying swings remind me of the ones in Tokmok!!! Where are all the creepy carnies?