Monday, June 1, 2009

Craziness all up in here...

There be a full moon comin' on Sunday, but you could have fooled me cause I swear there's been a huge radioactive, madness-inducing full moon all up in here for a good week+. I won't get all into it right now because the urge to slit my wrists is too great and it's technically too early to crack open a bottle of wine. Which reminds me, my wine cellar is bare save for a few bottles of white that I've strategically drank around. GDMF!
And I swear it's not just me! Seems everyone I've talked to is suffering from the negative side-effects of the crazy pill (either themselves or consumed by those around them). Don't believe me? Look over there to the right, blog posts from my bloggy pals titled "WTF" FML" "Chopped and Screwed" "shoot me now" OK not really, I made that one up.. I was gonna use it for this post.
What. The. Hell.
Just seriously funked up deeds lately; certain members of my family getting hit by the wack-a-doo bus (or maybe they're driving it), my friend's son attempting suicide, my Beveroni's Dad, people at each other's throats, the lead singer of Cake yelling at us for 20 minutes because we couldn't identify a Tangerine tree! Seriously W. T. F.? And this is just the short list, but my blood pressure is making my temples throb so that's enough of that.
I've got plenty to be thankful for (yes, I keep repeating this in my head), good friends, awesome kids (oh yeah, by the way, it was Morgan's birthday last week. I would have blogged about the party...if I weren't neck high is freakin' BS drama), and I don't have a third arm growing out of my head... so I got that goin' for me. But I'm in a serious search for some good ol' fashion positive mojo. Or red wine.


Bev said...

Dude, I will be coming over there to bust some skulls shortly. Trust me. I am in NO MOOD FOR THEIR BS! No fucking with my Malomatic!!!!!


Also, we went into the show knowing that John McRea is an asshole, so the whole berating us over a tree thing shouldn't have been toooooo shocking. But it still kind of was. WTF??!

Ugh, and the full moon is coming... perfect. I'll be surrounded by my in-laws all weekend. Considering how loony I get around full moons, it will be a miracle if I don't murder someone with a hatchet. Note to self: pack hatchet.

Samsmama said...

Something is in the air, that's for sure. Obviously, my solution is wine. But I'm a white girl. Wine, that is.

Mala said...

Yes, you did warn me Bev that the guy likes to show his love by yelling orders at his audience. I just wish I had brushed up on my horticulture IDing skillz. Still, excellent night *winking the ol' lazy eye*

Samsmama - am I right or am I right? It's not the swinethrax we should be worried about!
BTW, Come on over, you can help me finish off these whites!
(yes, and now, Jesse James "Shake It Like A White Girl" is stuck in my head. Don't know it? Google that shit!)

Mary said...

Amen sister- Amen.
I am taking a break from the world and letting the universe right iteself before I proceed further.
It's too damn crazy out there for little ol' me.

Harmony said...

Whatever it is, it's here in Cali too. I still need to acquire that taste for wine.

jessica o said...

Back the truck up. Did you say son's suicide? Hold up. I gotta go read some other posts up in here. I'll be back.

Before I go, let me say... WTF? Don't kids know they are our only form of life insurance. Who is gonna take care of us? Seriously. Dying. Are ya fucking kidding me?

jessica o said...

Okay, I re-read. Sorry. Is your friend okay?

Would it help or hurt for you to know that I have had to re-type every comment I have written tonight at least three times before getting it right? Would you like to know that I started my period, drank three glasses of crappy pinot grigio and ate chocolate chips in the making of this evening?


On an upside, we have word verf. Cletelde - Waltzing Matilda on my clit.

Did I mention the wine?

Mala said...

Jessica - He's OK, couple days in the hospital getting his organs functioning again. Scary stuff. I'm not looking forward to the angst of teenage years. I want my kids to stay just how they are right now.
I should heed your words are re-read my own comments before typing. heh.
If I'm ever stuck on a deserted island I want you by my side! Totally digging your survival skillz.

Cary said...

For rilz on the moon. This week has been a sumbitch. Started good.. didn't last.

Fuckin' moon. I'll kick his ass.