Sunday, June 14, 2009

Shuffle Ball Change

Morgan and Courtney had their dance recital yesterday. They were in 3 acts; Thriller (totally the Michael Jackson, zombie dance..and it was CAAAA-YOOOOTTTTTT!!!), I Like to Move It (Yes, that annoying diddy from Madagascar made much more tolerable by the munchkins bustin' out the hip hop moves, including Morgan doing one of those crazy break dance floor spinny moves) and a tap dance routine to the Blue's Brother's "Soul Man".
Since this was Morgan's first dance recital, I had no idea what I was supposed to do to get her ready. Seriously, all the teacher's e-mails said things like "rules will be strictly enforced", "failure to do ____ will result in student not being allowed to participate", "Don't make me kill you". OK, I made up the last one, but you get the point. And one of those rules that if broken meant your kid, who has spent the past 9 months in class practicing, would not be allowed to perform in the recital was "no drinking at anytime during the 3 hour dress rehearsal". At first I was like, well duh, of course those little buggers can wait til after class to get their drink on. And then I found out she meant WATER. WHAT?!
Anyway, I quickly discovered I needed to purchase 3 ridiculously pricey dance outfits, special tights for each outfit, specific shoes and the night before the recital, spend 3 hours driving store to store looking for one certain kind of lipstick in colorblind-hooka-red. I kept repeating to myself that this was luckily a one time deal since Morgan had whined all year that she didn't want to ever do dance again (and yes, as Mother of the Year, I did make her complete the year because she had committed to it (read: I'd already paid for it).

This is where it would be super awesome to have pictures of them rockin' it out on stage... but after 3 weeks of the teacher asking for a volunteer to be a back stage room Mother, I finally was the sucker...errrr, I mean, volunteered. So I didn't actually get to see the show, but at least got to watch the girls' routines from backstage, and from what I could see, it was pretty darn cute!

At least my Mom got this post performance shot.

The girls did such a great job, but I was pretty relieved it was over.
And then, as we walked back to our car Morgan says, "I can't wait to start dance classes again!"
Of course. Better save that lipstick.


Samsmama said...

"no drinking at anytime during the 3 hour dress rehearsal".

Why is it that I read that and immediately thought that parents (or kids) were not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages during the performance? Oh, that's right, because I'm a total lush.

BEAUTIFUL picture!

Bev said...

I love it!!! What I wouldn't give to see Morgie bustin' out some mad Thriller zombie moves! Next time, I want an invite!

Oh, and you should have asked me - I totally have "colorblind hookah" red in my make up bag! ;)

Mala said...

Thank you ladies.
Samsmama - you aren't alone in that assumption! What? It can't be because we're lushes. Nawwwwww!
Bev - I assure you, the zombie moves were priceless. Oh wait, no, not priceless, which reminds me I need to mail in the $24.99 for the DVD.
Oh and something told me you might just have that shade.. but I pictured it all nubby and worn, melted at the bottom of your purse. Oh wait, that's mine.

Maria said...

I'm reading, anxiously awaiting the VIDEO that I'm certain will be uploaded of Ms. Morgan busting a move and then I see that NOT ONLY do I not get a video I don't even get pix from during the show. ARGHHHH!!!! How could you??? Oh well! At least you got some lipstick out of the deal (that you will never wear, right?