Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm so proud....

I think I've arrived. When googling "tight jeans", right here on my little bloggy-boo, you will land. WOOT!

Seriously, I promise I'll get back to my real blog-duties soon.


Bev said...

Good, ya frakin' slacker! LOL - I'm keeding.

Tight jeans put you on the map... definitely something to be proud of! Speaking of, we need a follow up post. I will come over in my tightest jeans ASAP. We can stuff a tinfoil-wrapped cuke down there and take pics and no one will ever know that I'm not a member of Get The Led Out!

wv: charyown. I wish I had a moose knuckle of my charyown.

Samsmama said...

MALA! I have major envy! The only interesting thing I've found that somebody googled and found me was "Fuck Batgirl". Which was actually quite disturbing.

Oh, Bev with a moose knuckle. I'm giddy with anticipation.

jessica o said...

Every time I see "moose knuckle" I die laughing.

Word verf: Tersh - variation of toosh. As in "Mala, nice tersh! Yer tight jeans are in the warsh."

Lori said...

Way better than "Screw me hard"...which, I was curious to see was one of the phrases that might bring one to my site. How in the world THAT came about, I'll never know...these days, that's SO barking up the wrong tree!

Mala said...

Bev- It's a date!!!!!!

Samsmama - Party foul! They be hittin' all up on your friend and not showin' you the love?! That's so wrong! I'm going to go google all sorts of pervy terms + Samsmama!

Jessica - I feel my knowledge base is now complete with the term "moose knuckle". How did I go so many years without that knowledge? sad.

Lori - I'm totally jealous!!!! I thought 'tight jeans' was an accomplishment but you, my friend, have raised the bar.

jessica o said...

Okay, there was this on the news last night. I think you should be careful.


Mala said...

What?! That's it!!!! Seems that everything I find wonderful in this world is considered illegal, illicit, amoral or bad for my health!!!! GD!!!!!