Tuesday, June 30, 2009

M.A.L.A. M.I.A.

Well it's summer camp time here at our farm so I'm very behind on my blog-stalking and bloggity duties; missing out on all sorts of funny stories and tales of debauchery. Instead, I'm hangin' with a bunch of rugrats, teaching riding and trying to figure out how my house gets trashed daily despite the 8 hours we spend OUTSIDE each day!!! Because after a long day of wrangling horses and kids, y'all know how much I love trying to figure why there's gum embedded and my area rug and what the hell is that smell? Oh well, other than that, and my arse is draggin, it's all good.
But still, the little buggers are too old for nap time, and slipping them anything is probably illegal or something, so it doesn't leave much time for things I really like to do blogging.
So I'm stealing Bev's idea and posting an old class photo. It's ridiculously easy to figure out which one I am.

*SPOILER* OK don't read unless you've already guessed which one is me. Deal?
My Mom had a hair ribbon to match every.single.outfit. I'm not sure I ever went to school without my hair done with an outfit-matching ribbon. Where did I go so wrong? Most of the time Morgan looks like she had her hair done by a blind, angry monkey... sans ribbons.

And since we're bustin' out the ol' blasts from the pasts. I felt the need to share this since it's what I watched every single Saturday night.

I don't recall so many tranny's being dancers for Solid Gold....
Also, every time Morgan does her strange, interpretative dancing in the living room, complete with lots of sprawling on the floor, the Solid Gold theme song plays in my head.


Bev said...

Mala - Oh, how I've missed my Malomatic! I was just about to put out an APB on yo' ass, so it's good that you posted.

I also had the hair ribbon flair when I was a kid, thanks to my mom and her gratitude that I did not inherit her awful hair.

Oh, and I think you already know that I wanted to be a Solid Gold dancer more than life itself when I was a kid... well, ok, or a Charlie's Angel, or Julie on Love Boat. Without the coke problem, that is.

Nancy said...

God, I miss the 80's....Big hair, big shoulder pads, batwing sleeves and thongs. Today's fashions can not compare.

Michelle said...

I totally wanted to be a solid gold dancer...my favorite thing was how they used the props to drape themselves over...I totally practiced that on our couch. Some of them were featured performers in the fabuloso blockbuster Xanadu.

Mala said...

Bev - I know it's only been a few days, but really, I'm twitching and bitchy... oh wait, maybe that's not signs of withdrawals.
And yes, I've seen your Solid Gold moves... and they're hawt!

Nancy - WHAT!? Thongs are not in style! I totally didn't get that notice! (actually - thongs have NEVER been in style in my book. If I wanted by skivvies up my crack I'd give myself a wedgie!)
And I LURVE you're profile picture!!!!!!!!

Michelle - Am I the only one who blushed while watching the Solid Gold Dancers? It just seemed... wrong.

onebadmamajama said...

I do not envy you the crumbcatcher summer camp duty! LOL The two I have are driving nuts enough that I couldn't imagine having to be nice to someone else's LOL

I remember Solid Gold but only got to watch it occasionally. My dad was not a fan of men in gold spandex;)

Word verification: colited..seems there could be a joke in there somewhere...

janiece said...

Oh my--I was a Solid Gold devotee too! I forgot about the thongs--so those were the original Brazilian waxers! Memories. Those were the days. Then I got my drivers' liscense.

Organic Meatbag said...

Solid Gold! Marilyn McCoo and Danny Terrio!! Holy shit, I feel old now... hey, nice blog, by the way!

Mala said...

Did I ever tell y'all about my moment of 'oh crap I'm old'? OK I'll give you the abridged version.
I was at a store recently that used to be a nightclub my friends and I frequented. Anyway, the young, straping hottie cashier ask me what I was doing that night... of course he meant it purely in just a conversational way (I think)... but still, it's been forever since someone has asked me that and he was really cute(and no this isn't the 'I'm old' part). I laughed and recalled the days when I'd be spending my evenings at the night club formally found in Aisle 6. He laughed and didn't believe me that the shit hole once was a happening (shit hole) club. I assured him it had, circa 1991. In which he replied "Oh, no wonder I didn't know. I was would have been 1 year old."

Welcome Big Meat! Hope you visit often.

Samsmama said...

Wow, that really WAS ridiculously easy. Granted, I started on the left and was looking through the faces but then literally let out an, "Oh", coupled with a little chuckle.

I didn't have ribbons in my hair. Because I had a boy haircut. Forever.

Cary said...

Easy peasy: second row down, far right. It's the eyes.

Little known fact: I was a Solid Gold dancer. It's true. Only one season, but only because I twisted my ankle. And because Dionne Warwick had it in for me, the bitch.

Mala said...

Samsmama - My Mom was the opposite, NEVER let me cut my hair. By high school it was down to the back of my knees. I should find a picture.

Cary - Right-O Cary! And I believe you were a Sold Gold dancer. You have fabulous legs and an ass made for lycra! Purrrrrrrr!