Monday, June 22, 2009

OK, OK, Here's The Pictures.

Per Bev's pleading, here's the pictures from our L.A. trip that should have been included in the post below but I'm a losah, so there.

Bev and her new BFF!

Me and my new BFF (ironically, my BFF and Bev's BFF were of the same width, except Bev's BFF didn't break when one hugged her.)

Run Bev! It's the governator!

Bev and I and our massive feet. (note: Marilyn Monroe was a midget!)

Bam's parents Ape and Phil. They were afraid we were gonna tail them up to Bam's place.

Do these overalls make me look fat?

(caption this)

*SQEEEEEE* catching up with my L.A. pal Paul, who may or may not lurk this blog and who should stop lurking and start commenting because he's super cool and super funny. (and I would say that even if he wasn't lurking)

Check it out! Just over Bev's left shoulder in the black car is Johnny Knoxville.

The obligatory picture with a star on the walk of fame.

Me, Bev and my multiple chins. Yay me!

So there you go. You wanted pictures, I got your pictures.


Bev said...

Oh, Malomatic. Good effing times.

Oh, and my caption for my own photo, well I have two:


2. Rock and roll hands or I love you hands? I couldn't decide; and those chocolate martinis weren't making my decision any easier!

Bev said...

Oh, and would it have KILLED me to wear any make up on that trip? Jeebus!!

Cary said...

Mala, I thought you were squatting to pee before I saw the star.

Samsmama said...

Janice Dickinson terrifies me. And after rubbing up against Paris, I hope Bev took a bleach shower then immediately got started on penicillin.

Mala said...

Bev - I thought you were throwing "I love Rock n Roll" hands. And makeup? I think we were wearing Makeup, we just sweated it off and by picture time it was somewhere around our boobs. Nice shade of eye shadow by the way. OMG that was a fabulous trip. BTW, my future ex, Ralph Fiennes will be getting a star this year which means I'll be kidnapping your arse and flying west! Hellz ya!

Cary - and the star would stop me?????

Samsmama - yes, very scary. surprisingly nice, but very scary. I think I cracked her humorus just by putting my arm around her. And I'm super glad that even the (former) world's first super model was just as sweaty and shiney as me.

Cary said...

Bev shoulda killed Paris when she had the chance.

Word verf: SINFLAB

Yes, it sure is.

Bev said...

LOL! Samsmama, they did have to scrub me off after meeting Paris. It was bad. Like, Silkwood bad.

Harmony said...

Great pictures! Janice Dickinson scares the shit out of me too..glad to hear that she was nice though. You know, I have never been to LA. Weird..right?

jessica o said...

Did you see Janice on Help, I'm a Freak of Nature?


You are so awesome for posting multiple chins.

Bev, you don't need makeup! You look fantastic!

Jillinator said...

looks like you guys had a blast! oh.. and belated happy b-day!

Mala said...

Cary - Actually, she tried to smuggle Paris out under her shirt.

Bev - Oh come on, you enjoyed that sponge bath as much as I!

Harmony - Did you catch the magazine with a picture of her from that crap-show with the big circle around her belly saying she was fat? WTF. I can't believe the woman can move under her own power. Totally brittle, I tell ya. That "enormous" belly bulge was probably coz she ate a grape.
So how close to LA are you?

Jessica - Sadly, I pissed away 2 hours of my life watching that freak show. Gone! Never to get back again.
And multiple chins are my specialty. Thank you. And you're right, Bev does glow naturally.

Jilly - Hmmmm, perhaps we can drag you with next time.... huh? huh?

Organic Meatbag said...

Awesome pics! The Terminator figure was the best! "Come with me if you want to live",..hahahaha!

Mala said...

Thanks OM. I couldn't post what we did with the Johnny Depp, a la Cap't Jack, wax figure. It also got us kicked out. Arrrrrrrrr!

My gawd that was a fun trip!! Everything I look at these pictures it makes my browser go straight to Travelocity.