Thursday, June 25, 2009

You're Supposed To Feed 'Em?

Or... The Ultimate in Thrifty-ness!

Despite the cool weather we've had and the fact that our pool temperature is probably hovering around 53 degrees, Morgan insisted she wanted to go for a dip.
So she came down sporting this little teeny bikini...

Hmmm, cute but where did she get it? I don't remember buying her a new bathing suit.. Did she get it for her birthday? No, I don't think so. This isn't a bathing suit she had from last year..... But it is vaguely familiar. There's just something about this bathing suit, I'm sure I've seen it before... Where the hell did this bathing suit come from?...

As I stood there staring at Morgan, trying to recall this bathing suit, it hit me!

"OMG Morgan, turn around and let me see the tag", I said as I spun her around to confirm my suspicion. No way.... could it be??

Yup! It was! Her very first bathing suit. Size 3-6 MONTHS! I kid you not! Not one like her first bathing suit. HER.FIRST.BATHING SUIT!

Does that beat MOFM's 15 year old undies?

Oh and when I asked her to turn around so I could get a shot at the backs (cause quite frankly I'm surprised they fit as well as they do) this is the pose she gave me. Yeah, I'm in trouble. Anybody know of a nice all-girls boarding school I can send her until she's 35?


Michelle said...

holy moly...that is some kind of stretch in that bathing suit...I wish mine would stretch like!

Samsmama said...

That is UNREAL! And probably the funniest thing I've heard in awhile. Where did she find it? Surely you've cleaned out her dresser since she was an infant. Or, maybe not.

And that pose...God help you.

Harmony said...

OMG that is awesome!! I mean how insane is that?

And that pose? Lock her up now!

Bev said...

Morgan, you HOOCHIE MAMA! LMGDAO! No more ANTM for you! Ty-Ty is a very bad influence!

I cannot believe that! My 23 month old can't even fit into 3-6 month crap anymore! Granted, my children are massive monsters from space, but still! Good lord!

verf: berhocha. INDEED!

Frank Irwin said...

My lawyer advises me that it would be in my best interest if I did not comment on this post.

Cary said...

What a little cutie! Get ready, Mala.

Mala said...

Michelle - I hear ya! Mine don't stretch, they disintegrate!

Samsmama - clean out the dresser? First I have to feed them and now this cleaning thing?! This is just too labor-intensive for me! I QUIT!

Harmony - TOTALLY! I had actually saved them because they were her first swimsuit and I thought they were so tiny and adorable. Damn! I could have been getting my $5.99 out of them all these years!

Bev - Yes, Ty-Ty is the devil. And damn it! I watch that show way more than her and I still can't master the whole non-multi-chin look.
She may live to regret this... I'm never buying her another stitch of clothes since I will insist she continue to wear her baby clothes. She's gonna look adorable in that onesie on the first day of school.

Frank - Your lawyer is wise.

Cary - She is a cutie, thank you. I just didn't realize she was so booty-licious.
In unrelated news, Joe starts target practice tomorrow!

janiece said...

Hummm, and I wonder what Joe would be planning on shooting someday???

Mary said...

I don't know how i missed this post...but I did. And I'm sorry, b/c her Paris Hilton pose might just be the funniest thing I've seen in awhile!!
And I'm pretty damn sure I can't fit into LAST year's swim suit! FML

Lori said... send that story to Gap or Old Navy or wherever it came from (don't know why those come to mind at first, but anyway...) and I'm guessing some executive there will A) try and take credit for incredible longevity in swimsuits; B)try and figure out how to get your adorable child to be the poster child for convertible suits (you know...converts from an infant suit to a childhood suit and takes you through college/spring break--can you tell I've been looking at cribs lately?); and most importantly, C) send you some kind of coupon so you can get another one and your husband doesn't have to surround the pool with armed guards.

Too kill me. Even better, though John won't admit he gets into the whole 'blogging' thing, he sure does laugh every time I show your stuff to him. He's still in the closet about it, but your Jon and Kate post nearly drew him out!

Bev said...

That's Mala. Yankin' people out of the closet since 1975!

Anonymous said...

That totally tops MoFM's post!!!
Rock on Sista!!!

onebadmamajama said...

Holy Smoke! Is that suit made out of some space age material?! I wouldn't be able to fit a 3-6mo anything over the monstrous noggins of my gigantor children either LMAO

That pose..lock her in the basement NOW!:)

PS it's me rkintn posting under my new identity:) I'm in the blogger protection program now.

Mala said...

Janiece - Oh I think we'll both find out soon enough. Awwww, the down side of having daughters.

Mary - I hear ya! I just didn't have the balls to say it. Her bathing suit seems to have stretched while mine has oddly shrunk. WTF?

Lori - It IS Old Navy! You're like a fashion clairvoyant! And I totally think you're on the right track. I get giddy for coupons!!!
So glad to be the one that drags you're husband 'out of the closet'... I think.

Bev - nahhhh. Only since 1999. Oh snap!

Courtney - Certainly they're not 15 years old, but being relative to life spans, apples to apples that bathing suit would be like a 34 year old pair of skivies.

rkintn/onebadmamajama - are you hiding from Frank?????

Frank Irwin said...

She is, if she's smart.


onebadmamajama said...

Hell no! Frank should be hiding from ME! BWAHAHAHA

No, I'm hiding from my flaky family:)