Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Cat's Meow


The cat is going through a mega-shedding and I can't take another mammoth size cat-fur tumble weed rolling cross my living room floor so I shipped him out to the groomers for a 'Lion Cut'. Some cats would be humiliated by this bare-all 'do, but not Milo. Not only does he thoroughly enjoy the spa treatment, he struts his new look. He's the cat's meow, to say the least. However, the little green bow the groomer placed on his head may have been a little over the top. He refused to allow me to take a picture of that.


(put another bow in my hair and I will kill you in your sleep)

I didn't want Benji to feel left out (and I was losing the battle of the mats) so I broke out the clippers and gave Benji a matching buzz cut. Unfortunately, I probably should have left it to the pros. I don't think we'll be showing our face at the dog park anytime soon.


YIKES! This haircut makes him look SKINNY! Believe it or not he's gained a good 5+ pounds since we adopted him and he always has a full dog dish of his special (read: extremely pricey) prescription dog food. I wish I could find a haircut that would make me instantly look drastically thinner!


Lori said...

I have never seen a lion cut. It's interesting. I love the front-on picture--totally looks like a lion!

I think Benji looks just adorable...skinny-shminny...he's just bearing it all for the spring!

It does seem weird, though, that they sort of strut around after the haircuts--mine do also. It's almost like they know they look spiffy and are dying to pimp themselves out!

Mala said...

Ha! Lori, I really should get the cat's hindend-view. It's hilarious! At a recent dinner party, my guests asked if maybe he could put on some pants! YIKES! He doesn't seem to mind.
Milo has taken his new look a little too seriously however. This morning he leaped onto Benji's back all lion-attacking-yak style. Benji didn't know what to make of it; slightly entertained, slightly annoyed. Definetely no more Wild Animal programs for Milo!

Bev said...

I think Milo looks HAWT! Meow, indeed. ;)

Benji looks cute! You did a good job! I hear ya - where can I get myself a haircut that makes me look so slender? Eesh, short hair just makes me look like a bowling ball with legs.

I think you missed your calling - Pet Grooming is your bag, baby!