Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Flashback

While aimlessly scamping around my hard drive (and being shocked on how much crap is on it!), I came across this little gem of a promo from my former life in TV news. Oh, and the lovely (and overly enthusiastic, don't you agree?) Bev narrates throughout. Bev was the Director (which means she would have to decipher the senseless mush the newsroom would give her and make virtual TV magic) and I was the Technical Director (which means, I push buttons on a big boards with lots of buttons). The best part of that job was hangin' with Bev and popping the on-air "talent" up live when they were being a-holes. Opps! Ahhhhh, Good times.


Bev said...

Are you implying that I sound BORED? Moi? Naaaah.

That's a classic, fo' sho. The gigantic headset still kills me. The Winds was so cutting edge with their technology.

Mala said...

You know at some meeting Donna protested the expense of those headsets and insisted we could all just yell back and forth to eachother from the studio.