Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Me And My Big Mouth!

So my "special deal" with Comcast is expiring and they called to let me know that my monthly bill would be going up to $200 a month. That's crazy talk of course. $200 for my spotty internet connection and a phone line that makes whipping up the ol' string and tin can sound like a viable option?! You gots to be trippin'! So I tell them that the folks at satellite TV have been doing their best to charm me, and well, it might just be working. BUT, before I end our rather on again and off again relationship, I ask them if they can, well, give me a deal that might just tempt me to stay. The Comcast chick seems absolutely indifferent as to whether I stay a Comcast customer or hit the road with the Direct Tv, but nonetheless she magically comes up with a new deal that is $10 more than what I'm currently playing (and far less than the $200 rip off they were about to serve up to me). She goes over the details; my phone service will still remain craptastic, my internet will be faster (oh great, mind telling my tortoise of a laptop!) and I'll still be getting cable with HBO. "and STARZ right?" I ask.
"No." Miss Personality replies. "You don't have Starz"
"Yeah I do!" I laugh. "I've had for a year. I always watch the good movies on that channel. Starz rocks!"
Silence. Then I hear typing. Ummm, suddenly I realize my mistake.
"You don't have Starz" she repeats again.
So I get off the phone with a sinking, you-just-screwed-yourself feeling, switched on the TV and immediately went to Starz.... NO STARZ! CRAP!!! AMAZING!!! I've had the crappiest phone service on the planet for 4 years! My home phone drops more calls than my cell phone and let me tell you, my cell phone is crap! I've called for YEARS to get them to do something about it! YEARS!!! and nothing! But one little slip about a channel that I have appearantly pirated for a year get remedied in a few taps of a keyboard! No "I need to put you on hold"! No "only a supervisor can do that" bullcrap! NOTHING! All of a sudden Comcast is the most efficient problem solver in the entire freakin' planet!


Kate said...

I hate comcast ... except they were about to up my internet by a bunch so I threatened to leave ... now I only pay $30 a month for internet heheh. When they try to up it again I'm leaving for Clear something that's new around here. Gotta play the game! (OMG, the word verification on here is "medumb" haha!!)

Lori said...

Yeah, I hear you...I hate to say it, but trust me when I say, it could be worse...we have Metrocast, which is more commonly referred to as "Mightcast" as in "I MIGHT be worth something to you and I MIGHT not...and you won't know until you're in the middle of the show you've been dying to watch and DVR-ed but CAN'T because we screwed it up for you, so SUCK IT!" Here's to them screwing up again and you getting STARZ back!

janiece said...

I swear the cable people are all greedy you know whats. I've had more trouble with Charter then I care to mention. Every time the contract is up Ted deals with them (I've had it up to here and will start using foul words--he's the calmer soul). He usually gets some kind of deal. But AT&T is starting to look better to me all the time!

Bev said...

Total BS!!!!!

I pay an insane amount of money for my crappy Comcast service, and we can't even get the phone service yet since we're apparently further in the "sticks" than Pembroke! Guess I'm not missin' much, though....

Btw, word verification is "poodisms." I love that! I'm adding it to my "bevcabulary" immediately.