Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kickin' It With Some Kyrgyz Cuties

Beck was in HEAVEN today because he got to hang out with TWO beautiful Kyrgyz Princesses who both happen to be former roommates of his from back in Tokmok. Our playdate started with a few hours of rambunctious fun at the play area at BK and once they seemed to be slowing down, we headed over to Cracker Barrel for lunch.
Aidai, Jyly and Beck. Beck wore this smile all day - Who can blame him!

Beck insisted on sitting between the girls! Still smiling!
...and still smiling....
and, of course, still smiling!
Beck and Aidai hug goodbye
Aidai and Jyly hug goodbye
Aidai says, "Hands off my man!" (and Beck is still smiling!)
and here's a picture from back in the day of these 3...

Jyly is in the back at the table for 2 (wearing pink), Beck is at the middle table with the brown, white and yellow shirt, and Aidai is at the table in the foreground in the pink stripped shirt.


Hilary Marquis said...

Thanks for posting so fast :) I am SO jealous that i couldn't be there!! But, man, I could smile all day long after seeing the three of them together again! Go Beck ;)

Jackie said...

Oh, how cute. I bet that was one awesome day. Thanks for sharing. I just love reading and seeing these reunions :)

Lori said...

Those pictures, especially compared to the "Before" picture, are just amazing and adorable! It's pretty official based on that never-ending smile...your boy is quite the ladies man!!!!

Bev said...

It's so great that you get these kids together!! What a difference between that last pic and the kids of today!

Oh, and suuuure, use BK for their play area then go to a NICE restuarant to eat. I see how you roll. ;)

Maria said...

They are all three ADORABLE. Man, Beck's the man, isn't he???