Friday, March 20, 2009

Please send a birthday wish

John Wright, who I've mentioned here before for his wonderful work does for the needy people in Kyrgyzstan, is asking for a favor from all of us, and it's too easy to not do.

Years ago he wrote about a young girl who had experienced things no one should ever have to experience:

"Three years ago I met a young girl. Some of you will remember her story. On her 12th birthday her father decided that she was now old enough to be his wife, and tied her and her 4 siblings to a tree in the back yard and attempted to kill their mother while they watched..... unsuccessfully... As you can imagine. Her birthday has not been a time of celebration for her. On our last visit with the team from Norwood, she came to me as we were leaving.. She asked for prayer because of the dreams she had been having.... with out going into too much detail, we stayed... and we were able to work through a lot of issues that day. She then gave me a read something like this. "I have had a difficult time with Birthdays. I have not liked to celebrate them.. It hurts to think about them... I would like to think of you as what a father is to me...... I am now ready to start celebrating my birthday again."

Here's John's simply request:
"we are going to take her and her family along with Altynai's family out bowling and for supper tomorrow night... we will then have them back to our apartment for the night... Please take a few minutes and go to the new birthday post on the blog, and leave her a birthday greeting in the comment section.... also please leave your town and state or province... We want her to see that there are people all over the world that care for her... She will have a chance to read all the posts tomorrow night.... you could even pass this along and see how many birthday wishes she can receive...
Thank you for your help.
Blessings John

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Julie and John Wright said...

Thank you so much for your support... Apiry is going to be thrilled.... We will post photo's from the big night tomorrow.
Blessings John