Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bev's Rockin' New Years Eve!

I know I've been slackerific on keeping current with the ol' blog. My apologies.
I hope everyone has had a fabulous start to 2009.

We had a fabulous Christmas. The kids were SO excited Christmas eve. We tracked Santa online on the NORAD site and they quickly rushed to bed as soon as the satellites detected he was traveling across the Atlantic. And then I began to wrap - yes I left that to the last possible moment. Never again. Between wrapping and finishing up baking I finally made it to bed at 1am... well, not exactly. Joe was sick so I decided to bunk in with Morgan who made sure to wake up and ask me if I thought Santa had arrived yet, repeatedly. After a good, solid 2 hours of sleep, total, I gave up and let the kids dig into the gifts.

Notice the lack of daylight outside.

Last night we packed up and headed to my pal Bev's house for our annual New Year's shindig and let me tell you, Dick Clark can't hold a candle to Bev's rockin' New Year's party!
Of course I have no pictures but I'm sure Bev will be setting her desired blackmail payments any time now...
The kids had a blast of course, not once entertaining the idea of actually going to sleep. They ran around like wild banshees... poor Bev's house.
And then Bev and Jim introduced me to the wonders of the Wii and I feel I'll never be the same again. I've discovered I've been wasting my life when my talents clearly lie in being a rockstar drummer! Who knew?! Bev and I rocked out until my hands ached and she went hoarse. Good times!

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