Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Stolen Pictures and Wound Report

I'm happy to report I'm feeling much better. My leg has returned to it's normal size and I'm up and about with very little pain. I'm even impressed with the bruising - not nearly as much as I expected. And with vacation fast approaching, I'm pretty happy about that.

So my pal Bev posted her New Year's Eve photos. Yeah, yeah, yeah sure she's sick with strep and all, but c'mon girl, I'm totally stalkin' ya. And since I'm the dummy without the camera I have to rely solely on her. Thanks Bev!

I swear, she didn't have a drop of champagne!

Danny on the other hand...... No, no ,no I swear it's just sparklin' cider. But any guy who can sip his beverage and rock out on his guitar at the same time is OK with me!
In other news, the Wii arrived! Yes, and in less than 12 hours later I now have Guitar Hero World Tour set up as well (I figured I deserved it after putting up with the humiliation and constant insults served to me by the Wii Fit!)
So my living room is TRASHED! The horses need lunch, the kids are filthy, there's dishes in the sink and I'm still in my PJs! I may require and intervention.


janiece said...

Sounds like my house(well minus the horses). We jsut started the Wii Guitar Hero too--and I'm so uncoordinated with the darn thing--I can't imagine the insult the Wii fit would throw at me!

Drew and Rita said...

Your blog is terrific. I hope you feel better very soon. Rita

Maria said...

Explain to me why that last paragraph would require intervention? At our house, that's called NORMAL. *smile*