Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dumb Dog

My Mom has been enjoying a cruise this past week so I've been babysitting her two dogs. It's gone well aside from the fact I feel like I live in a kennel but it's all good.
UNTIL ABOUT AN HOUR AGO... Her retarded dalmation has been whining and barking at, of all things, the water dish for over an hour! I'm ready to kill her.


janiece said...

Oh you should have seen Loki's ears perk up when he heard the whining (yes he's the puker and the one with the bad gas)! HAHA--the sufferingwe do with the dogs.

Marnie and Jeremy said...

Our Aussie will whine and bark at her bowl if she wants food or water. It really is annoying!

Hilary Marquis said...

Perhaps dalmation could join Eclipse in the barn?

Lori said... PITA Diva Dixie is going nuts trying to figure out where the dog that accompanies this whining is...she's so like that too! She barks to get out. THEN IMMEDIATELY barks to get in. Then out. Then in. Then out. Then in. Or if there is something on the counter she wants. Or the sofa. Or under the sofa. Or under the chair. She is a TALKER. And it drives me NUTS!