Monday, January 5, 2009

My Morning With Sweeney Todd

(note: this post is not for the queasy! )

Yes, you may assume by the title that my little procedure didn't go quite as planned. What was supposed to be a painless 30 minute procedure ended up as HOURS of Pain and Torture. For 45 minutes the Doctor tried and tried...and tried to insert the wire thingamabobbit. Yes, it's as painful as it sounds. When one spot didn't work she'd move to a different spot. Doc asked me if I wanted to give up but I told her no, I just wanted it done and over with. So after several more attempts and a dozen more holes in my leg she informed me that the only thing left to do is to cut my leg open and go digging for the vein. And yes, the term "go diggin'" is the most accurate way to describe it. Oh and yes, I'm wide awake for all of it.
So finally that nasty vein is found and the metal wire is inserted all the way up to the top of my leg and then a liter of saline is injected into my leg, inch by inch by turbo-powered torture device. OK at this point I now have over 100 injection holes in my leg. Mala not happy.
The good news is the actual vein nuking was quick and painless. Thank goodness something was! Several stitches later I was done. Thank Gawd!
So now I'm home, recovering, for real. I'm leaking saline solution through the billion holes on my leg and the Doctor assured me "it's going to look, and feel, like we beat the hell out of you tomorrow". Great.


Ivy Lee said...

Yikes, sounds like WHEN SIMPLE PROCEDURES GO BAD episode. Someone should start a show like that. I hope you at least got some good pain meds out of the visit.

Nancy said...

Poor You!!! I'm hearing Rod Stewart (or Sheryl Crow) singing the First Cut is the Deepest :-)What you need to get better is to get a huge nuturing hug from Dee or Storm!!!!

Bev said...

Egads! And this is the "new, modern" procedure?? WTF was the old one like? Filet o' leg?

I'm sorry it went badly & that you're currently oozing saline. Let me know if you need anything!!!

Jackie said...

yikes...ok, thanks for the play by play. I am a bit queasy now ;)

I hope you can take it easy and recover and I also hope you have some pain meds to soften the pain.