Friday, January 16, 2009

This What Ya Lookin' For?

Thanks to some Google do-hickey I get a report of the keywords people search that bring them to my blog. I really had to chuckle today when not one, but TWO people visited my little blog by googling the keywords "sexy legs" HA HA HA! They definitely didn't get what they were looking for when they arrived here.
Here's a list of some other of the keywords that brought poor unsuspecting surfers to this blog.

- patting home (what??)
- messy teeth (oh, come on people!)
- mala mama
- kid sipped champagne (ut-oh, are we in trouble?)
- kazakhstan female name aidai
- beck rugrats
- airport floors (well, I do feel like an expert)
- weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (first, I can't believe people are searching this term and 2nd I'm pretty proud this brings them here!)
- booooooo
- are there places like kellermans in dirty dancing


Bev said...

That is both weird and deeply creepy! LMAO!

Lori said...

Sexy legs? I'm jealous. I only get people looking for 'laryngitis' or 'flu'--what does that say about my life?