Friday, January 2, 2009

Public Humiliation and Other New Year's Resolutions

I have sworn off New Year's resolutions for years but this year I think I'm gonna make a few. And what better way to be shamed into sticking with them than writing them out in a public forum for all to witness.

1. Lose that 20 pounds that has become mysteriously attached to my arse and other unflattering areas of me through exercise and public humiliation. See that nice little tracker over there in the left sidebar... Yes, I have publicly announce my embarrassing weight in hopes of getting rid of it! Moreover it publicly measures my progress... or my lack of progress. And if announcing my fat-licous weight wasn't motivation enough, Bev and I are planning another great getaway to L.A. in 6 months and I REFUSE to bring the 'extra luggage' with me!
Oh, and to help attain my modest goal I just ordered the Wii Fit! *Evil Laugh* Hmmm, I wonder how many calories you can burn playing Rock Band?????

2. Play with my kids more. This of course may be to the detriment of my house work but sobeit! I'll have years of worrying and waiting when they get their license and leave the house with the keys, or out on a date, to occupy myself with cleaning. But right now they actually want me to play with them. I'm not going to waste that!

3. This year I'm going to WRITE! I've had a story brewing in my head for years. I resolve that this is the year I get it down on paper!

Well, I think that will keep me pretty busy this year. So there it is, in black and white, now I have to actually make it happen!

Happy New Year!

(OK I had to share this with ya'll. While looking for a good 'diet' picture this image appeared. It belongs to a website for some sleazy looking plastic surgeons in Southern CA. Seriously, this has got to be the WORST picture! Let's see, I bet you $20 this woman has never been obese, moreover, larger than a size 2. In addition, someone get her a cheese burger STAT! She's obviously too weak to sit, stand or even get dressed - let alone get out of the way of the on-coming bus!! *shakes head* Is that her hip bone about to rip out of her skin? EWWWWWWWWW!)


janiece said...

HAHA--I've given up the weight battle--and there is way more then 20 extra pounds on my arse! At this point it's just about keeping up with the 3 wild ones here.
You're right--I think size 2 is generous!

Marnie and Jeremy said...

Mala, this is Jeremy, you can burn about 110 calories during 30 mins of Rock Band or the same amount during 30 mins of sex, which ever you choose.
Also if you need a co author or ghost writer I am available for a small percentage of royalties.

Good luck

Michelle said...

I hope that is right about rockband because if so I have burnt over 1000 calories! I love the ticker...I am in with the public humiliation and weightloss...i am going to put one on my blog too....I need to lose about 10 pounds...and it is literally all in my big fat gut.

janiece said...

Humm rockband vs. sex. That could be an interesting discussion!

Mala said...

Is it any contest??? ROCK BAND BABY!!!!

runescape money said...

lol,so nice

janiece said...

Oh mala--you are SSSOOOO naughty!

Maria said...

I read blogs on feed mostly -- there is NO ticker. I almost got carpal tunnel in my wrist trying to flick over to see how much you weigh - yep, I admit it. I weigh a bit more, so OBVIOUSLYI need to go on a diet too, but I don't want to. It's hard enough doing without sleep. To think I'd have to cut out food too - YUK!! Oh, and I'd vote for the Rock Band, but that's just me. Don't tell hubs, ok? *snicker*

Michelle said...

I love rock band....and in pure number of hours ...rock band has won since Christmas. I am a newleywed though, so if given a choice it would still be a tough call!