Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Pledge Allegiance to Cognizance

(*WARNING* I know I don't tend to get political on this blog, heck I rarely get serious, but I'm breaking with tradition today since this growing wave is starting to look like a tsunami. Please remember, this is just my personal opinion. We live in this fabulous country that allows for such things as differing opinions. You certainly don't have to agree with me and if the following post offends then I suggest you click here now)

I'm sure many of you have seen the Harpo produced video of all the celebrities pledging to be better people. While I'm all for people wanting to do more for our country, moreover, for our world, there's so many unsettling factors about this little montage.

Let's just set aside the laughable idea that all these celebrities will actually make good on all these pledges. I'll remember this next week when one of them wraps their massive gas-guzzling Hummer around a Hollywood phone pole while smoking crack and tossing plastic bottles out the window at homeless people.

First and foremost, the little hairs on the back of my neck stand on end at the sheer propaganda-factor of this video. Seriously, I was waiting for the flashes of brain-washing images to appear that would render us drooling, Obama-chanting zombies. Oh wait.....

Why hadn't these loving, caring celebrities pledged all these wonderful things last year? Or even last week?

I think it's wonderful to pledge service to your community, your country and your world. And if the swearing in of Obama as our 44th President has created this new sense of hope, caring and pride, then that is incredible and fabulous and I'm all for it. But pledging oneself to a single leader is unsettling. And a trendy message like this encouraging others to pledge themselves to Obama feels like a lesson in history that we should have already learned. Support your leader, the hope is he'll be a leader you can be proud of. Respect your leader. But never follow blindly.

I want nothing more than a very successful upcoming 4 years, but not just for Obama, but for ALL OF US. The fact is, a leader's success isn't always indicative of the people's success. In serving your country you serve your leader, but serving your leader doesn't mean you're serving your country.

Although this is a bit of a bizarre film, it has an interesting message about leaders, revolution, power and trading one corrupt regime for the next. (of course it never hurts that Ralph Fiennes stars in it)


Kate said...

I actually haven't seen the montage ... but do agree with you. While I voted for Obama, I get annoyed with all the celebrity endorsements and such. It's as if they are our role models, and are political experts. Shouldn't we be listening to economists, foreign policy experts, health care experts, etc? Kind of ridiculous!!

Tapsalteerie said...

I have been so annoyed with the blind mass hysteria. I'm also sick of hearing people saying things like they're *finally* proud to be an American again, or that they *finally* have their country back. I never knew national pride was so dependent on one man.

Beautifully written Mala!

Anonymous said...

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