Saturday, January 24, 2009

Keys Please

Today I contemplated revoking Joe's Daddy License when while on the phone with his Mother discussing whether or not we could/should borrow they're spare regular cab pickup truck for a couple of days in Florida, he asked me the following question;

Joe: We can fit 4 in the front seat of a truck, right?

Me: (with the are-you-f'ing-kidding look) No.

Joe: Yeah we can.

Me: (now with the why-do-you-ask-me-questions-if-you-are-just-going-to-argue-the-opposite look.) No you can't. How many seat belts does it have?

Joe: 3

(I wait for that light to come on over his head... nothing)

Me: There's 4 of us. No.

Joe: Can't we run one seat belt through both car seats?

(I'm pretty sure I could shoot him right now and get away with it in any court of law. But I just give him the you're-a-f'ing-idiot look)

Joe: Well, can't Morgan just ride in your lap?

I'm not actually sure what I said next but I think I have forbidden him to ever watch the kids by himself.



Lori said...

Oh, come on...we used to ride in the old pinto--4 kids stuffed in the backseat that maybe safely fit two...Or, the old station wagon that we begged to sit in the 'back-back' and seat belts were not even thought of. You'd all be fine, really.

(And such IS the rationale of a MAN!)

janiece said...

Yep, Ted and Joe should just get together. Their minds run about the same. MEN!!!
And I know ways to make them suffer if they don't get it with "the look"--and it doesn't leave marks. Honestly that's why the human race survives--because women know the ways to make men listen!

Hilary Marquis said...

Okay, if safety and logic don't seem to get through..."Joe, do you know what the ticket would cost for getting pulled over without the kids properly restrained would cost?!" That might get his attention ;)