Saturday, January 3, 2009

Naughty Little Commenters!

No, I'm not referring to those partaking in the Wii Rock Band vs. Sex comments. I'm talking about those cyber asshats who just flooded my blog with nonsense Engrish-as-a-second-language comments. So I am now forced to add that stupid word verification thing to my comments! Damn I hate those! Even as a living, breathing, adequitely intelligent person I can't deciphor those stupid things!!!! Hmm, is that an "l" or a "1". Ugh! Like I need more aggrevation in life!!!!
So thank you, you freakin' moronic spammer! May your arm pits be infested by 1000 fleas!!!!


janiece said...

Ouch fleas?????? You can be cruel (not that they don't deserve it!)

Michelle said...

Sometimes I am 100% sure I have typed in the right jumble of crap for those...and then it tells me I am wrong...I hate those too! lets see how I do!

Elizabeth and Bill said...

I hate the word verification things too. Thank god facebook has a way to bypass them cause I was losing my mind.