Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Biker Babe

I've been trying to convince Morgan for a couple of years to give up the training wheels on her bike. She's actually outgrown bikes and we've had to transfer the training wheels onto bikes that the training wheels were too small for. Yet she insisted she wasn't ready to learn to ride without them.
Well this weekend she went over to Grammy and Bumpa's house, supposedly to make good on a promise to clean their house. While there (and apparently not cleaning) Morgan and Bumpa spruced up an old bike Bumpa had gotten, this one of course sans training wheels. By the afternoon Bumpa had taught Morgan how to ride a 2-wheeler! She was so proud of her new skills that she came home and insisted on showing me in the rain.

(Just in case, I parked my truck far, far away from the new 2-wheel riding wonder!)

Does she look proud or what?! Thanks Bumpa!

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