Thursday, April 30, 2009

Awwwww, Shucks.

My homegirl Bev has bestowed upon me this prestigious title. Thank you Bev. I'm milking this thing at home but I doubt however, it's gonna get me any perks.

But here's the deal:
1. List seven things that make you awe-summm.
2. Pass the award on to seven bloggers you love.
3. Tag those bloggers to let them know that they are now Queens of All Things Awe-Summm.
4. Don't forget to link to the queen that tagged you.
5. If you would like, copy the pic and put it on your sidebar so everyone knows that you're a queen.

To fulfill my queenly duties. 'er goes.

1. Despite strong urges, I've never beat the tar out of anyone.... well, not lately. Including the asshat Sear's repairman who gave me a 6 HOUR WINDOW (!!!) to wait for his arse today (because I have nothing better to do donchaknow!) and he PULLED A NO SHOW!!!! Yes, I'm awe-summm because I'm a peace-loving chick. I even saved my husband's life 4 times! Once I saved him from drowning, the other 3 times I just changed my mind.

2. I'm adventurous! Wanna jump on a plane, fly cross-country to stalk celebrities? Count me in! Jump off a galloping horse onto a moving pirate ship-shaped bus? Why Not!
Shoot me if I ever grow up.

3. I keep my friends forever! And no, I'm not talking about tied and gagged in my basement. The overwhelming majority of my friends have been rollin' with me for more than 10 years, some for more than 20. I still write to the man who lived down the road from us when I was 10 years old,living in TN. Haven't seen him since, but we still write. Once you're my friend, it's for the long haul.

4. I have a constant inner monologue going on. It keeps me endlessly entertained. Wish you guys could hear it. Good stuff.

5. I didn't let a stroke stop me. Sure, that little bugger wiped out some files on my hard drive but I clearly remember a moment in the ambulance that I decided this would NOT be the end.

6. I drink wine for a living. Yeah, ya heard me! I get paid for learning a lot about wine and for drinking lots of wine. Yeah, that's awesome.

7. I have two ridiculously fabulous kids. Sure, there's moments that they're lucky there's no gypsies nearby to sell them to, but overall they rock! And being their Mom is the best. I know that doesn't actually make me awesome, just lucky.

Now for my 7 awesome fellow bloggers to whom I pass forth this honor.

Janiece - who's awesome-ly caring for her post-op little girl right now.

Hilary - If you're ever stuck having to sleep on a nasty airport floor, this is the chick you want on the cardboard beside you!

Jackie - Super Mommy to Little Squirt (who just gets cuter every. single. day!!!)

Cary - Who's incredibly funny (and I'm pretty certain, HOT, although he refuses to post any pictures since 1989)

Lori - She's super funny and preggers - the complete package!

Maria - Who never has a dull moment!

Michelle - She's a Doc, a Mommy to an ever growing family and a newlywed... and she's awe-summm!


Bev said...

You're the shizz, my friend. I knew it the moment I saw ya, despite the horrible ratty sandals and bad dye job you were sporting. Ah, youth. D'oh!

Regarding #3 - how long have you been hearing these voices?

#5 - Stroke? Pshaw! You told that motha to go to hell, didn't ya? Yeah you did, because you're AWE-SUMMM!

Mala said...

What?! Ratty shoes are my trademark! I'm thinking about doing a post as an hommage to my current pair of shoes. Yeah, you know the ones. I've been rocking 'em for 2 years, they've been around the world a few times (from Bel Air to Kyrgyzstan... TWICE), all this comfort and loyalty for $5!!!
*As if on cue, my phone just rang as I was typing this, it was Payless Shoe Store calling me with a special notice of their BOGO sale! Bev- are you trying to tempt me into buying another pair of shoes? I think I got a few more adventures left in these bitches!

Samsmama said...

"The other 3 times I changed my mind." That was the funniest line!

Now, I'm going to need to hear more about getting paid to drink wine. Because I've been doing it for free, like a chump.

Hilary Marquis said...

I don't think you and I had any cardboard...Joe wouldn't share!!!

Lori said...

You just made my day! I read, laughed (as usual) kept reading (kept laughing) and then saw my name--with a very nice description. I'm thinking (in my head, as I too have a fabulous inner monologue running through)"Wow--someone else pregnant with my name who follows her!" and imagine my surprise (and extreme honor!) when I clicked on the link and it went to me!!! Girl, you SO rock!

And the line about saving your husband's life--seriously made me nearly wet myself. (Inner monologue: Okay, I did, a little.)

Maria said...

Oh.My. Well, you got one thing right -- my life is NEVER, um, dull. In fact I cry over that fact sometimes. :-) I'll bloggy my queenliness this weekend -- as soon as I dust off my crown (or find it for that matter -- have you SEEN my house??). Thank you thank you thank you -- I needed some affirmation of my (often self suspected only) greatness!!

Mala said...

Samsmama- Drinking wine and NOT getting paid for it is still a good day in my book! But there is something sweet about writing off cases and cases (and cases) of wine on one's taxes.

Hilary - Yes. I remember. Bastard! What kind of husband searches through the garbage at 3am, finds some nasty cardboard to sleep on AND DOESN'T SHARE IT WITH HIS WIFE! Bitter? Moi?

Lori - Embrace your queenly-ness. (oh, and that pee-ing your pants thing... get used to it. Motherhood is grand!)

Maria - What? You put your crown away???? No, no, no!

Cary said...

Thank you! I was starting to feel left out with all these GD awards flying every-which-a-way except mine.

Oh, and it's 1986, not 1989. =)

Jackie said...

You are really too funny, Mala. I am cracking up here!! In my little world, yes, I am queen of ALL things!! And now, it's official! Thank you for the awe-summm honor.

Now to come up with 7 things that clearly show my awe-summmness ;)

Mala said...

Cary- You know I love a man who doesn't mind being called a queen!

Lori - 7 things to demonstrate your awe-summm-ness is a piece of cake! I know that, and I've only spent 1 weekend with you!