Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tooth Fairy Strikes Again!

That sounds like something from "Red Dragon" *shudder*

Before I get to the latest adventures of the tooth fairy, I wanted to make mention that this is my 201st blog entry! Yay for me! Boo for all the things I probably should have been doing instead.

Morgan lost another tooth this week, a front one, which in Morgan's world means big bucks! I asked her how much is a front tooth going for these days and she replied $20. I don't think so! Cripes, what happened to quarters!

Anyway, she gets so excited about the tooth fairy's visit. You may have remembered the mess that little, winged troll left last time. Morgan wrote the tooth fairy a note and asked if she could make her fly. She put the note and tooth in a sandwich bag, wrote another note explaining how to find the tooth, made a path to her bed (yeah, she's no Princess Cleans-a-lot!) and then put a paper with a big "X" on it over the pillow that covered the tooth. Morgan did not want to risk the ol' tooth monger leaving without finding her tooth... Hell, for $20, I wouldn't either!

Come morning Morgan rushed into my room (WAY too early, I might add. It was difficult to open my eyes, nevermind muster any enthusiasm). She carried on about her money being taped to her ceiling fan. She brought me the note from the tooth fairy that explained that Morgan had gone flying with the tooth fairy but the fairy dust that makes her fly (which of course was ALL over again!) also makes you forget - that's the fairy rules. The note went on to say that Morgan was intent on remembering so she hung her 2 dollar bills (no, not $20!) way up high to prove that she had flown. Morgan also found her winter jacket in her bed, further proof that she had had some wild adventures flying with the fairy!

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Bev said...

Awesome!!! She looks surprisingly good with that missing chomper. You just can't make that kid look ugly!

You're so inventive as the TF. D. hasn't lost any teeth yet (wtf is up with that??) but when he does I plan to be a totally low-budg Fairy and stick a dollar under his pillow & be done with it!

Keep those expectations nice & low, I say!