Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter MADNESS!!

OK this isn't the blog post I promised would be interesting in my 'It's a Small World' series. But it's Easter and I gotta take care of this bidness.

It's been a sugar-driven, fun-packed day! We had the family over for breakfast and then the annual Easter egg hunt craziness. I'm a bit wiped out (after all the Easter bunny had to get up at 5am to go brave the freakin' cold wind, hunting for places to hid eggs that wouldn't be blown away!) so I'll tell the story of today in pictures and captions.

Last night's egg dying festivities

We made the kids wait until AFTER breakfast to hunt for the eggs (because I'm the Mom and I can *evil laugh*). Morgan was up at 6am with her nose pressed against the window all morning plotting out her every step in the 'Tour de Egg'. They were freakin' WILD with anticipation!

Ummm, Papa, that's not an Easter egg....

It was pretty hard to get this shot before they ripped into their loot!

Several years ago our dog Trixie barked at the Easter Bunny while he was trying to hide his eggs. The Bunny got the last laugh and painted Trixie like a crazy K-9 Easter Egg every year after. Trixie's been gone a few years, but apparently Benji is now victim to the Easter Bunny's antics.


Cary said...

You got some cute babies there, Mala. And a huge back yard.

Mala said...

Awwww, thanks Cary. They are pretty cute.

Bev said...

I love it! Poor Benji... oh, the humanity! LOL! You're so brave to do the hunt outdoors. It was feaking FREEZING today! Thank goodness the big Bunny hid ours indoors. ;)

Mala said...

Yes, Benji wasn't entirely happy with his new 'do. Heck, I know how he feels.