Thursday, April 16, 2009

Like Watched Water...

You know, like, watched water never boils. No word yet from the mystery lady on Facebook. But we're still going forward with the investigator and hopefully he'll be in KG in June. So until there's some sort of news, moving on.

And what better way to move on than with a little unbridled retarded-ness.

Today I had a voicemail message from the bank that we're refinancing with. It went something like this:

"Hello Mr and Mrs _____, this is Cindy from (Bank of Craptasticness). I just wanted to give you a status update if you could call me at (800)555-5555. At the prompt please pick option 1, then option 1 again (at this point I stop writing down the message). At the next prompt please select option 3 and then number 2. Then enter 65288646 and hit the pound key. I look forward to hearing back from you at your earliest convenience."

Yes, I'm sure you do. But let's face it, that's WAY too labor intensive. What the hell is that?! If she was calling me to tell me I won a million dollars and absolutely needed me to call her immediately, I still probably wouldn't call her back. Seriously, GET A DIRECT LINE!!!

And now for something less crap-tastic, look who went riding today.
For those who don't know, Morgan loves horses... but only as much as she loves bugs and mud, which is still a lot but, you know. I practically have to beg her to ride. Granted, she's allergic, but so aren't I. Suck it up, kid! Seriously, I think there was a mix up at the hospital - this can't be my kid. She just couldn't care less. But today my niece Courtney was practicing for her up coming show and I asked Morgan, in passing, if she would like to ride Mr. Dee and she said yes. Shocking! She did awesome though! Even did some barrels. So I'll hold my breathe and quietly hope she finally gets the 'horse bug'.


Bev said...

There's still time for her to become a junky, Malomatic. Never fear. :)

Sorry you haven't heard from the KG maybe-mama. I never got a response from her friend, either. Bitches.

hang in there!! TGIF!
word verif: layso, as in, "I want to get layso much."

Hilary Marquis said...

Well, Mia certainly got the bug when we visited!

Lori said...

Your friend Bev cracks me up!

Also, I think we have a local Bank of Craptastic here as well. I don't ever pay attention to those messages either--I just call the main number, hit "0" and tell whatever poor sucker who answers that I obviously got them by mistake and could they kindly direct me to the person for whom I was looking in the first place. It works most of the time, but those darned autoattendants are getting pretty smart--now when I am hitting "0" sometimes, they have the nerve to tell me that they didn't understand my response and they even HANG up! Jerks.

Mala said...

Thanks for trying though Bev. You don't think we're freaking them out, do ya? Us? Freak people out? Oh wait.

Hilary, THAT'S what I'm talking about!!! Every other little girl that comes over goes all horse crazy!!! But Morgan..... noooooooooo.

Lori - Yeah, Bev is one funny chic! Have you checked out her blog? HEEEEE-LARIOUS!!
And you're so right about your method. I've done that too! LOL! OMG I hate it when they smarten up and when you hit "0" they say "That is an invalid entry. Goodbye." WHAT?!!!! I didn't come here to get hung up on!!!
OMG I HATE autoattendants!!! Of course my greatest nemesis is that bitch from Fandaga (movies) she as dumb as pocket lint!

Mala said...

Opps, that's FANDANGO. From now on, coffee first, typing secong.

Cary said...

Mr. Dee seems a bit excited at being ridden.

Mala said...

Cary- actually it's one of the few times he's not, a-hem, excited. I swear just to embarrass me he lets everything hang out during riding lessons which of course always causes my students to ask, "what's that?". Good grief. Anatomy and sex ed are extra charges.

Bev said...

Leave it to Cary to notice the horse schlong. ;)

Hey - when are ya gonna post a new blog? Hhmmmmmmm?