Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Get That A Lot

It's no secret that I like crappy TV shows, especially any sort of reality crap TV.
Last night I thoroughly enjoyed CBS's "I Get That A Lot" where celebs pretend to be, like, real life people working real life jobs and denying they are who they are. Good times.

Survivor's Jeff Probst hitting on some chick. Mmmmm Mozzarella.

So I have to ask, does anyone out there ever get told they look like a certain celebrity?

I don't. However, recently Joe told me that he was talking to someone the other day and they agreed that I remind them of that super annoying chick from those lousy Progressive commercials.
You know the one.

Thanks a lot. And to make matters worse, the very next time we saw that commercial Joe groaned "That girl is so weird looking." Thanks dear. Of course this is the same charming guy that always announces that "cute girls don't like him". Did I mention charming?

So fess up, who's your celeb doppelganger?


Bev said...

I watched the first half of that. I have a new girl crush: Heidi Klum. She's funny!

I do NOT see any resemblance btwn you and annoying Progressive girl! Eesh, Joe! Open mouth....

I don't think I look like anyone famous. You know, it's hard for celebs to keep up with such stunning beauty as mine. It's unfair to compare us, really.

Michelle said...

I was told on more than one occasion I look like the actress from American Pie that was all "one time at bandcamp"...i also was not entirely flattered by that comparison! I forget her name.

Bev said...

That would be Alyson Hannigan. She's now on How I Met Your Mother, and she's a riot! I think she's pretty, Michelle, especially now that she wears her hair a darker auburn. Incidentally, she had a baby this week. In other news, I need to get a life. ;)

Mala said...

Thank you Bev! I was starting to revive my self esteem until I just read Cary's comment on your blog. Sheesh! Shall I invest in a nice paper bag now!

Michelle - that chick is pretty cute. And she's one of those people who will look young forever!

Oh, and Bev, I think you kinda look like that kid from "Finding Nemo". I don't know, maybe it's the head gear.